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The Melbourne Pop Artist Xena East Catches All the Attention in the World with Her Vivid Songs


Xena East

The upcoming pop singer Xena East has released a few new singles this year to spread the magical notes in her delicate voice to attain gender equality and paint the surface of her musicality with her bleeding love. The Melbourne RnB Pop artist is a transgender singer who has scratched the surface of the big pop industry with the single ‘Be Your Girlfriend’. Her independent musicality has the potential to change the old form of pop sound. She is inspired to be the voice of the LGBT community all across the world as she is growing up with a dream to become an iconic pop diva in her twenties.

Xena East is a passionate lover of music who has swirled her entire universe in the gauzy strings of melodies. Apart from her devoted music practice, she is a full-time dog psychologist with a full-grown school that she runs by herself. It may seem all like a tall story for such a young aspirant to have all the good things in life that she earned from her efforts, but the half Vietnamese and half Chinese artist has made it happen. She has achieved generous fame for the pleasing song covers she made for her steady youtube fans. ‘Can’t You See’ is another beautiful song that will rinse all the hatred and angst from your heart for your ex-lover when you understand its nothing but self-sabotaging.

She always finds a way to show the beauty of love and kind that has the power to create aesthesis in this shambolic chasm of dark souls. Her music has bright symphonies of Australian pop and liveliness in the lyrics that always get her fans in pure sunshine. With the Jay Chou (English Cover) Tornado in June, she has received non-stop streaming on SoundCloud. Follow her Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter to shimmy with the light and free pop music.

 Just go to her profile and check the tracks: https://soundcloud.com/stephanie-steffi-laurens


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