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J.A.N Gives a Hint of his Surprising Vocal Element and Brilliant Hip-hop Work in his New Song ‘Love Me’


An artist who has improvised the very best of raw hip-hop in his compositions is the new dynamic rapper J.A.N With an engaging spirit, the artist has proved his creativity and levied his indefinable presence on the music scene. By keeping up with all the attractive sonic elements in his tracks, the rapper has experimented with varied styles and sounds to create his distinctive name and has performed exceptionally well to show his compelling voice. By releasing several enchanting musical pieces in the past, the rapper has tagged himself as a worthy inclusion in the creative field of hip-hop.

Opening to the recent scene with a melodic project, the artist has released his latest song ‘Love Me that impressively explores his versatility. There is a sudden amalgamation of a female voice during the finishing segment that highly accentuates the flavor of the song. The contrast in the voices is remarkable and gives an unpredictable charm to the overall essence of hip-hop music. From the very beginning, the artist raps rhythmically and starts things up in an infectious manner. Starting on simple yet hitting piano riff, the song gets taken over by the rapper’s faultless rap style that always in sync with stunning melodies. The lyrics are aptly crafted and speak of innate feelings. Unusual patterns and minimalistic sound beats, the song stays focused on the vocal prowess of the rapper.

The song ‘Love Me’ has haunting melodies, echoing words, and the pain in the rapper’s voice while he utters every word gives an inevitable resonance to the song. The cumulative vocals of J.A.N and the female are perhaps the main attribute that creates a magical effect on the soundscape. The rapper has finely poured his heart out in the project and his vocals have guided him emotionally to tune in with the subject matter. Always full of passion and genuine enthusiasm, the rapper is surely going to make his fans groove endlessly to his tune. Listen to it on Soundcloud now.

Check out to listen this song ‘Love Me’ by J.A.N :



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