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The Massachusetts Rapper Tre Offers The Splendor Of Rap With ‘High Fashion’



The opening moments of High Fashion’ offer a very fine introduction to the abilities of the creator and also reflect the superb production. The lightness of touch around the first few seconds of play ensures that the listeners get to settle themselves up for the outburst of intensity and energy to be followed in the coming moments. Both the sound design and the vocal line play important roles in maintaining the greatness of the musicality presented. This track from the widely recognized Massachusetts rapper is one of its kind, completely due to the spoken verses and the intriguing soundscape. This kind of track was pretty expected from an artist like Tre who possesses the ability to draw the attention of the listeners from the very first moment and knows how to keep them hooked.

An artist who is known for popular tracks like ‘Down’, ‘BAARZZ 2’, ‘Shootem Up’, etc., can only come up with something as majestic as this; the soundbites and the sound effects color the picture perfectly for the consumption of the audiences. Featuring celebrated artist frank money, the track ‘High Fashion’ is literally a track that reflects the fashionable way of music-making. The choice of synths and bass in this track speaks a lot on behalf of the production and the creativity of the artists. This track is purely dedicated to the true fans of rap.

The whistling vocal line screams on top of the soundscape and leaves no way out for the musical senses of the listeners. An unfussy backdrop has made the entire picture complete, filling the gaps with musical moments of greatness, something that every rap fan can be proud of. Tre has broken the chain limitations of this genre through this track and his amazing performance in it. Feel the nerves and groove on SoundCloud and find him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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