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Usain Bolt Has Been Tested Positive For The Coronavirus




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The eight-time Olympic gold medalist and world-record sprinter Usain Bolt has been tested positive for the deadly coronavirus and he has already self-isolated himself at his residence in Jamaica after celebrating his 34th birthday last week as it was a big bash without masks.

On late Monday, the health ministry of Jamaica has confirmed the news that Usain Bolt who is the holder of the world record in the category of 100 m and 200m distance, has been tested positive with coronavirus after a video has been posted by him on social media around the middle part of the day where he said that he was waiting to hear back on his results.

Bolt has taped a message for the fans while he has been lying on the bed where he says that he just wanted to be safe and he has quarantined himself and taking things easy. The caption for the post urged people to stay safe.

He is the only sprinter in the history to win the golds for 100m and 200m consecutively at three Olympics in 2008, 2012 and 2016. He said that he does not have any symptoms of COVID-19 or any kind of respiratory illness caused due to the novel coronavirus.

According to Bolt, he took the test on Saturday, the day that followed the celebration of his birthday, at a particular bash where the partygoers danced to the hit number ‘Lockdown’ sung by the reggae singer from Jamaica, Koffee.

Bolt, who has already retired from athletics in the year 2017, wrote on his Twitter profile that it was the best birthday and also went on to post a picture where he is holding his daughter Olympia who was born in May.

Bolt was wished by fans for a speedy recovery on social media as one of them told him to drink his ginger tea. Some of them also accused the sprinter of carelessness.

In Jamaica, the daily confirmed cases have surged up to over 60 per day in the last four days from something less than 10 in the past few weeks. The number of the confirmed case in Jamaica is now 1,612 and the number of active cases and death on account of coronavirus are 622 and 16 respectively.

According to officials, the surge in the cases is due to the international border reopening as well as the celebrations over the long weekend in August that marked the Emancipation Day and Independence Day.

They also blamed the people who did not practice social distancing and refused to wear masks.

The surge in the cases has raised concerns about the national election that is going to be held six months ahead of the schedule in September, as called by Andrew Holness, the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

On Sunday, rallies, home visits, motorcades, and campaigning activities are all suspended by Holness as well as other parties.

The reopening of schools was also delayed by authorities for one month and there is a national curfew for citizens from 7 pm to 5 am.


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