T Law has etched out Superlative Groove and Funk in the Enthralling Numbers from the EP ‘T Law’s Bars’


T Law

The wait for the fans is over as the prodigious rapper T Law has come up with his latest offering. He has rocked the world with the ripping numbers from the EP T Law’s Bars’ with tracks like ‘So Much To Say’, ‘What You Been Through’ that is a remix of ‘Heart On Ice’, ‘Go’ and ‘Fear No Evil’ both featuring Karizmatik and ‘Do We Still Matter’. It is a breathtaking performance by the Chicago rapper T Law who has swept the audience off their feet. The musician is the owner of an avant-garde production house called ‘BankFlow ENT’ that has futuristic facilities. He is also a splendid songwriter and every time comes up with authentic numbers with music that has conscious. The R&B and rap songs are brought to the forefront with a lot of elegance. To know more about the rapper, one can plug into his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handle.

In ‘So Much To Say’ by T Law from the EP ‘T Law’s Bars’, there is an insane release. In ‘What You Been Through’ there are touches of funk. In the track ‘Go’ there are soulful vocals. In the number ‘Fear No Evil’ there are soulful vibes. In ‘Do We Still Matter’ there is a flabbergasting hook. The tracks have a purpose and a message for the audience. He is all set to jointly release an album with Karizmatik titled ‘Music Reborn’ that will feature Unique Soul.

There are luscious sounds of R&B in the tracks from the EP by the magnificent rapper. The tracks are about his love life, past journey, and stay in Chicago. He has reached the top 10 of global music charts and accomplished the 6th spot on reverb. He urges the indie artist to stay motivated and hungry for more. The tracks by the singer can be heard on streaming sites like Soundcloud.

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