BCCI Has Kept A Mum On In-Stadia Plans As The 13th Season Of IPL Draws Closer


Image Credit – Times Of India


The BCCI has got no intention, whatsoever, regarding allowing the fans of the franchises inside the stadium during the entire 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) that is going to be hosted in the three cities of UAE. Discussions are still going on in full-throttle to decide upon the fact that whether there is going to be any engagement for the fans even during the second half of the event as the general idea that is floating around is that it is going to be very much of a risk.

In that kind of scenario, what are the plans regarding the fan engagement of television viewers done by the broadcasters Star India and the BCCI? As of now, no words have come from the BCCI regarding what they are going to do for the IPL that is slated this year as there will be no fans in the stadium. Those who have been tracking the developments closely said that what the kinds of technology they are deploying so that the consumer experience is enhanced.

As of now, no answers came from the board yet. Those who are in the know have said that although the proposals have already been sent, the approval for everything is still pending. For instance, the tech giants Microsoft is brought by the NBA on board so that the fan experience is improved as the league got underway with a shortened season this very unprecedented year.

For example, huge video boards among other elements were installed around the court where the games are played as this idea brought more than 300 fans for every game to appear on those boards as the Microsoft tech platform is used to interact with each other.

Those who have been looking for answers has said that the BCCI has not looked into things through that lens. The schedule has not been sorted as yet.

The big question around internal travel surrounding the debate of scheduling is if the explicit permissions are given by the Abu Dhabi government to allow the teams to stay at Abu Dhabi and play their matches in Sharjah and Dubai and return on the same day to Abu Dhabi.

Sources have told media outlets that if you move from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and vice-versa one have to get tested 48 hours before travel and the results of the tests have to be negative. Now if a team travels to Dubai and then travels back there is no 48 hours window as the protocols are still not sorted out by BCCI.

Severe travel protocols are there in Dubai and Abu Dhabi so the teams have to wade through it for playing as many games in Abu Dhabi. This is not going to give any distinct advantage to those teams staying in Abu Dhabi, the franchises said.

A huge furor has started over a promotional video released by the broadcasters Stars on Wednesday evening in social media. A debate and ruckus started as some jerseys were featured adequately and others are not. Two franchises complained about discrimination and sidelining teams in the video that brings most ratings.


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