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Washington Music Producer Gosha May Has Belted Out Riveting Beats In His Recently Produced Hip Hop Numbers With Scintillating Tunes



All the mainstream airplay is now airing the tracks produced by the astounding recording artist Gosha May. He has reached the pinnacle of success with numbers like ‘Nitrous’, ‘MISSION’ that features SLEYA, ‘Clover’ featuring Sleya and originally it is sung by Xavier Rite, and ‘Priceline’ that is also produced by Sleya and again originally sung by Xavier Rite and also features Yvng Heath. It is an incredible execution by the Washington music producer laid out with elegance. He also boasts of owning an up to the minute production house called ‘Gosha May LLC’ that has state of the art facilities. This artist is now entertaining his fans and followers through effective conversation on Facebook and Instagram.

The music producer par excellence Gosha May has come up with a profound bounce in the number ‘Nitrous’. There are a splendid groove and element of fusion in the number ‘MISSION’. In the track ‘Clover’ there is an insane release with a heck of a pace. In the track ‘Priceline’ there are scintillating vibes with a mumble in the rap. He is a fantastic music producer with a great track record as a recording artist.


In all the ripping numbers by the splendid producer, there is an eclectic appeal. His exquisite numbers have got class written all over it with oodles of uber-cool tunes. The 21-year-old is an upcoming sensation and has already created ripples with his terrific work. He feels that his music is great and has created a stunning appeal. The cracking numbers etched out by the music producer can be heard by logging on to major music streaming sites like Soundcloud. Well, his Twitter handle is receiving excellent response from worldwide enthusiasts. Moreover, the fans are now waiting to get into more exciting tracks in the future. Stay tuned to him to know better!


To visit his SoundCloud profile, go through the below link:



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