Kay Rieck’s Deutsche Oel & Gas Group Is Bringing A Revolution In Natural Gas And Crude Oil Production In The US



The company that is boosting the natural gas reserve in the United States, Deutsche Oel & Gas Group is exploring and producing natural gas and crude oil in the Cook Inlet Basin in Alaska. The company is based in Luxembourg and runs its oil and gas business in the US through Cornucopia Oil & Gas Company, LLC, and Furie Operating Alaska, LLC with both of their headquarters situated in Anchorage, Alaska. The company is founded by Kay Rieck, who was born on Doebeln, Germany on February 24th, 1964. Before he stepped into the energy business, he was a financial advisor and stockbroker on the New York Stock Exchange. He also worked at other significant jobs like an independent broker at the New York Board of Trade and the Chicago Board of Trade specializing in investment banking and asset management and as a freelance consultant dealing with reforming and reshaping companies in different aspects.

He was introduced to the world of oil and gas business while he was working in the US stock exchanges leading him to start his own companies dealing with oil and gas exploration in the US. Kay Rieck’s Deutsche Oel & Gas Group has been contributing to the natural gas and crude oil production in the country since 2011. The organization has invested more than 700 million Euros and is currently working to increase its natural gas production from 20 million cubic feet to more.

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