Rap Genius KILLA JV Dishes Out his Lyrically Rich Single ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ Exuding Old School Resonance


Hip hop and rap have been the most favorite musical genre to listeners and artists alike around the world presenting highly entertaining and thought-provoking content at the same time. Driven by his love for the old school thematic resonance, talented hip hop artist Dylan Sawyer, mostly known by his stage name KILLA JV, has dropped a jaw-dropping rap number called PLAYBOY MANSION’ featuring fellow rapper JOHNNY DEHN recently. The track is a masterpiece in terms of both rhythmic and rhyming dexterity introducing the global hip-hop community with his unmatchable exuberance and creativity.

Molding his raw thoughts into a well-crafted and precise rhyming piece, the supremely talented California rapper has shown an extensive level of articulacy that is rare in the industry. Drawing influences from his life and surroundings, the brilliant musician has crafted some of the most honest and relatable content through witty and uplifting melodic and lyrical schemes. Wrapped up in his unbound imagination and creative artistry, his eloquent soundscape exhibits its true majesty through his hardcore and attractive rap flow. The exuberant vibe of his soundscape blended with his genuine love for the art represents the spirit of the epoch.

Working with his production house NO NAME JV, KILLA JV is on the mission to change the stereotypical perspective of the genre with his extraordinary soundscape that has the potential to lead the world of hip hop as well as modern poetry. His finest creation ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ with JOHNNY DEHN showcases the breathtaking vocal dexterity of both the artists interlaced with the exuberant melodic flow that is orchestrated through progressive arrangements and clever chord structures. Listen to his other masterpieces like ‘CIVIL WAR’ and ‘BOUNCE’ ft. JOHNNY DEHN and ‘REACH’ and ‘SHOTS ON ME’ featuring STEVIE STONE on SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be updated about his music and upcoming projects.

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