KneeTie GoRunGo Has Come Up With Bubbly Rhythms And Exquisite Tunes In The Track ‘GoRunGo Addiction’


KneeTie GoRunGo

The breathtaking tunes of rap by the group KneeTie GoRunGo is zipping along at a heck of a pace. They have soared up the mercury level with the mesmerizing number GoRunGo Addiction. It is one of the most brilliant performances by the Texas rap groupThe rap group boasts of owning an up to the minute production house called ‘KneeTie GoRunGo’ that has state of the art facilities. The engaging and classy rhythm by the group emphasizes on saving the lives of people who have been suffering from addictions and ending their lives with suicides. Their tracks are based on people who have been dying of Covid-19 and are suffering from the adverse consequences of the pandemic. They are on a mission to help out innocent souls critically affected by disorders from substance use and mental health and taking the path of suicide. The fans can know more about the rap group by logging on to their Facebook profile.

The rap group KneeTie GoRunGo has amped up the hip hop quotient with the fascinating beats in the track ‘GoRunGo Addiction’. There is a rhythmic looping in the track that comes with a whip-smart hook-line. The fans can savor the luscious confection of new-age sounds of pop merged with the riveting hip hop tunes. To know more about the lined up projects of the rap group, one can plug into their Instagram.

There is an insane release in the number by the swashbuckling rap group who has impressed the fans with their impeccable vocal style of delivery. There is a magnificent groove in the track that makes for a stunning appeal and engages the listeners. The tracks by the group can be listened to by logging on to major music streaming sites like Soundcloud. The ravishing music videos by the group are streamed on popular trending platforms like YouTube.


GoRunGo Addiction:


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