Lonleybandz Holds a Powerful Thematic Authority over the Audience with His Marvelously Resonating Numbers


The genre of hip hop presents boundless possibilities offering numerous rhythmic and rhyming styles satisfying every craving of music-lovers all over the globe. Rising hip hop artist Lonleybandz has captivated the global hip hop community with his recently released melodic pieces that encapsulate the true thematic majesty of the genre. The versatile nature of the popular musical form finds a fresher interpretation in the artist’s exceptional creative endeavors that is revealed in his countless resonating pieces available on major streaming platforms. The artist pours his heart out to deliver his best performance channeling all his energy and devotion into play.


Growing up in Tulsa, the brilliant artist always had a knack for the genre of hip hop which later flourished when he moved to San Diego, California, and became a full-blown career path. Driven by his genuine love for the genre, the extremely talented Tulsa solo artist has successfully established his incredible panache that expresses his thoughts and emotions with flawless precision. Blesses with a penetrating yet soulful vocal, the gifted artist utilizes it to amplify the lyrical impact of his compositions. His powerful and relatable creations play a huge part in influencing the youth of the society bringing positive changes in their mindset.

Absorbing the storytelling attribute of the genre, Lonleybandz paints a vivid picture of his life experiences and the society around him in his mesmerizing collection such as ‘Out the Mud (Calboy)’, Pain-to-You, Cartel Running It Up’, ‘Paranoid’ featuring Baby Goth, and many more. The 21-year-old musician is currently working with the production house called Cartel oil records and working vigorously to bring in newer and fresher original pieces to the audience as soon as possible. Plug into all the popular streaming platforms to listen to his music and follow him on Instagram for more updates on his upcoming projects.

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