Upcoming California Rapper Killa JV Recreates the Home-Grown Virtues of Hip Hop With ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’


The good vibe of lyrical and musical blend in the scope of hip hop in upcoming artist Killa JV’s soundscape is currently the most extensively played songs in my playlist. Owning and redefining the characteristics of modern-day rap and hip hop, this artist is paving the way for new creative premises. He recently collaborated with fellow artist Johnny Dehn for the song ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ that has added a significant feature to his cap as an artist. Intense, relatable, and engaging, the song not only promotes the essence of hip hop’s exclusive lyrical explicitness but also gives the artists ample space to express their creative knowledge and insight.

Dylan Sawyer is a California rapper with the stage name Killa JV and creative potential to bring out more content in the scope of hip hop. ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ exemplifies his ability to arrange and write music reflecting his conviction and passion to take the genre and his music to the highest points of accomplishment. Working with his own production label No Name JV, his other songs like ‘MYSTERIES’, ‘DEATHWISH’, ‘CIVIL WAR’, and ‘BOUNCE’ have captured my attention for their lyrical fluency. Follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated and experience the new-age hip hop streak.

To listen this song ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ by Killa JV visit the given link :



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