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The Young Hip Hop Sensation Ibra Sets the Stages on Fire with His Latest Track ‘Personal’


The sensation has just increased as Ibra has dropped his latest hip hop track ‘Personal’. Bending the stereotypes of hip hop this track is the latest anthem of hip hop fanatics from all over the world. RA.F has done a wonderful job featuring in this song and adding the extra flair to it. The song has a gentler mood than the usual hip hop tracks but striking enough to keep the listeners hooked. A touch of self-reflection and vulnerability can be noticed in lyrics that are highly relatable and evokes the emotions of the listeners. With a perfect amalgamation of hip hop pop and rap, this song is setting a benchmark in the hip hop music industry. The song starts softly and catches its pace with consecutive beats that complement the rhythm and flow of the song.


 With this latest track, Ibra is paving his way in the music industry with his skill and talent as an Orlando hip hop artist. The song Personal is released under the Indi production house. Hailing from the USA this 14-year-old young artist is gaining the heights of his career with his unique mellow and stylized powerhouse music. The depth and smoothness of his vocal tone merge perfectly with the beat static digital music and creates a groovy melody. The music arrangement is notably melodic and oddly satisfying.

The plenty of eclecticism, delicate and engaging bars can be noticed through the rap and singing styles of the artists. Harder hitting subject matter, strong emotional vibes, faultless performance, and creative soundscape are elements that made this track so perfect. Collaborating with RA.F and redefining the genre of hip hop this aspiring artist is the current music sensation in the industry.

Enjoy Ibra’s track on Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/ibradazebra-18/personal-ibra-ft-raf-prod-capsctrl


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