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Crystal Oshana Has Come Up With A Breathtaking Strong Groove In The Stylish And Classic Track ‘Alone’


Crystal Oshana

TThe sweet melodies that come with an unwavering passion are a forte of the astounding singer Crystal Oshana. The vocal engagement with powerful vocals and an addictive hook has made the brilliant track ‘Alone’ a delight for the listeners. The clarity in the track and the crisp production is a signature style of the London-based RnB artistThe self-reflective track by the 21-year-old singer has engaged innumerable listeners with its flabbergasting appeal. The luscious confection of pop with contemporary vibes of R&B in her track has made her even more popular. Her growing popularity is inching forward with each day and this does not come as a surprise for her fans. The shared posts by the singer can be watched by logging on to her Facebook profile. The fans can know more about her upcoming ventures by plugging into her Instagram.

There are subtle vocals and brilliant use of acoustic guitars in the fantastic track Alone’ by the singer par excellence Crystal Oshana. The unique narration in the song comes with a passionate softness that is ever immersive. The likable dark vibes have created a memorable edge that has left its mark on the track. The fans can log into her Twitter handle and can share an off the cuff gabfest with the singer. The fans can log on to major music streaming app like Soundcloud and enjoy her tracks.


The singer is on the top of her game artistically with this magnificent track. The stylish flickers of instrumentation have paved the way for gorgeous moments of bliss. Some of her brilliant numbers that have impressed the audiences are ‘Hurting Times’, ‘Down Low’, ‘Frequency’ and ‘DAD’. The mesmerizing numbers by the singer are also available on popular music streaming apps like Spotify. The exotically shot music videos by the singer can be watched on popular trending platforms like YouTube.


Alone: https://soundcloud.com/crystal-oshana/alone


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