Upcoming Massachusetts Rapper TheRealMcCoyy’s Song ‘Better Realize’ is a Lyrical and Thematic Compilation



Upcoming music artist TheRealMcCoyy is rendering to the new course and styles of hip hop in the thematic wave of his newly released song, Better Realize. The song resonates with the production source of a homegrown sound that beautifully resonates with the audience in the right spirit. The song is a motivational and self-inspiring saga that the artist shares with his audiences leading them towards individual liberation. The young artist imbibes the structural patterns of modern-day rap and hip hop to pave the way for a free-flowing musical saga.

The upcoming Massachusetts rapper TheRealMcCoyy is all 18 years of age but is already showing the potential of someone who has had extensive exposure. He is associated with the production house SIRLOVEE that provides him further access to his audiences. Hailing from Concord, the artist is prolific in his vocal spontaneity as he fluently delivers the lyrical patterns and undulation of ‘Better Realize’ with the utmost ease. Some of his other songs include ‘Extremely Rare’, ‘That Shitt’, ‘Hell & Back’ and ‘Make It Right’ among many others. Although he is looking for his big break, his potential is proving to grow into a global sensation very soon.

Artist TheRealMcCoyy’s envisions a soundscape that is influenced by life and its ways. As a result, his themes are real and relatable and allow the audience to come closer to his creative space. From his production arrangements to his use of contemporary hip hop elements, he creates the best of his capacity. He is conquering the scope of hip hop, one song at a time as he gets ready to surprise the world with his extent of creative abilities. He is focusing intently on a career that would reach the highest level of artistic accomplishment. To know more about his extensive music saga, follow him on SoundCloud and Instagram.

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