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Well-Known American Musician Kendra Erika Gives the Gift of ‘Song of Hope’ At the Beginning of the Year


Kendra Erika

The genre of pop has been the most popular musical form in the world since it was created. The seasoned artist in the pop music industry, Kendra Erika is taking the genre to the next level with her thought-provoking lyrical ballads. She has dropped another masterpiece at the beginning of the year 2021, named ‘Song Of Hope’ that fills the ambiance with newfound possibilities. The song opens with a compelling piano riff that creates an ambiance of melodic bliss. Her soulful vocal changes the entire aesthetics of the production instantly. The penetrating rhythmic flow generates genuine emotions in the audience.

Armed with her powerful voice, the flaming-haired  South Florida native singer has come a long way battling numerous setbacks in life. Being tone-deaf in her childhood, it was almost impossible for her to be in the musical profession. With hard work and dedication, she has overcome the obstacles and achieved the greatest heights. She reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Chart with her single ‘Self Control’. With a degree in communications and international business, the smart musician utilizes her experience to smoothen her musical journey. She has been dubbed ‘the queen of hearts’ by Hollywood Life Magazine for her amazing works.

Working with the production house Oyster Shell Music, Kendra Erika has made a partnership with Global Charity, War Child for her most recent single Song Of Hope. The song offers an uplifting message that inspires the audience with great optimism. Co-written by Charlie Midnight, Jan Fairchild, and the artist herself, the song shines brightly with an acoustic perfection. Her exceptional thematic vision in her other tracks like ‘So Fly’, ‘A Deeper Love’, ‘Avalanche’, ‘Oasis’, and more has set her apart from the crowd. Follow her on  SoundCloud, YouTube,  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more information.

Click the link and enjoy the track:https://soundcloud.com/kendra-erika-1/song-of-hope-mastered-mix


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