Phidippus Releases a Brand New Single ‘Metallik “Compressor” (Phidippus Remix)’



The new American electronic artist Phidippus becomes the hit magnet in the music industry with his high voltage performance in the latest music release Metallik “Compressor” (Phidippus Remix). His various range of aesthetic exposure fills the track with multiple layers of unique creativity. Driving brilliantly with a free flow of pompous rhythms daubed in rave beats, the aspiring Colorado music producer Phidippus picks a revolution with the new song. The single releases fresh energy with heavy beats and swift deliveries of crafty rave tunes. Fill the void inside your chest with the crazy hooks and infectious drops. The dreamy onset of the instrumental track brings positivity from thousands of introspective grooves. Like the sunbeams explode a freshness making you smile, this track will overwhelm your nerves with a good rush of adrenalin.

Eric Salazar took the stage name Phidippus started making organic music in 1990. He tried his best to make some inventive structures in his amateurish musicality. Though he failed for a while to channel his passion with loveable outcomes, he never gave up on his dreams. He joined a break dancing troop and found his inspiration for rave beats. He was instantly drawn towards the wordless oasis of rhythms and heart-whelming beats of electronic music. When the rave culture began to become a sensation in the 90s, he evolved his sassy music into an unnatural, glistening flow of techno beats and groovy dubstep. He combined the influences of the popular artists from the vintage era and produced his nostalgic electro anthems with his organic creativity.

‘Metallik “Compressor” (Phidippus Remix)’ is the latest version of his multi-layered dubstep grooves. He gears into industrial rhythms with notable contemporary instrumental keys. The fast-paced, electro-house ambiance released from the track will resurrect your numb nerves into life. Its tangy reverb-soaked techno beats fix your mental chaos. He starts to reign the new Soundcloud charts with ‘Milton Acosta “Ahi” (Phidippus Remix)’ released in January. Success became his shadow once his vibing sound was recognized by Mercedes Automotive, Smirnoff Vodka, and other companies that used his tracks for their commercials. After modifying the global sound with his skillful vision, he launched “New Vision America”, his own record label in 2002. Follow the new musician on SoundCloud, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Listen to the track, visit the given below link: 

Metallik “Compressor” (Phidippus Remix): https://soundcloud.com/phidippus/metallik-compressor-phidippus-remix


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