Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe – A model dream that came true





Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe is one of the world’s top fashion models, she is also a former beauty queen and a Miss Africa Award winner, (2011). She has been working as a fashion model since a young age, she did her first model job at the age of 14. After that, her hard work and dedication towards fashion modeling took her to the heights of glory across the globe.


Her name is associated with many world-renowned brands and companies whom she represented as a model. Apart from brand modeling, she also a former contested in many beauty contests around the world and has won multiple titles, such as best body model 2011, and Miss Friendship in Miss Globe International Awards, 2012.



Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe has been living a very busy life, but still, she manages to find time to participate on her charity-related work and her hobbies of writing and singing. Apart from her career in modeling, she also has work experience as an air-hostess and medical worker. She is also a partner with UNESCO, India, and has also worked as a Promoter for the WWF- Malaysian Marine Conservation Project.


Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe has participated in multiple advertisements for brands all over the world. She has also been featured in television shows. Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe is also a singer and has a dream to release her own music record one day.



Aside from modeling and acting for television and brands, she is also a popular social media influencer. She has accounts on almost every major social media platform where she posts videos and pictures of her work and personal life. She has more than 15K followers on her single Instagram profile.


Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe likes to travel across the world, as she gets a chance to see and greet different people, cultures, and traditions. Throughout her career, she has traveled to many countries, including China, India, Malaysia, Norway, and many others as well. Ever since she started working she has won the hearts of millions across the world – we wish her more blessings on her beautiful journey.


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