Vietnam Is All Set To Test All The 9 Million Residents In The Largest City




Vietnam has planned to test all the 9 million people in its largest city for the coronavirus. On Monday, the country has also imposed restrictions to deal with the growing Covid-19 outbreak.

People who belong to Ho Chi Minh city are only allowed to leave their home for necessary activities and public gatherings of more than 10 people have been banned for the next two weeks according to an announcement made by the government.

Before the imposed order, the city which is also the economic hub of Vietnam have already shut down non-essential business on Thursday when the cases of coronavirus have started to increase.

Vietnam News, which is the state newspaper has said that the city authority has been planning to test the entire population that has got a testing capacity of 100,000 samples each day.

The newspapers have also said that the police had filed a case on Sunday against the couple who is the head of a Protestant church mission for spreading the dangerous infectious disease.

They have also cited poor health protocols that are applied at the premises.

At least 145 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported with having links to the Revival Ekklesia Mission, a Protestant sect and the city district of Go Vap where the church is based has already been locked down. Since then, all religious events have been banned by Vietnam nationwide.

The newspaper has also said that the church followers have gathered in a small space for chanting and singing without mask-wearing and proper distancing. The Ho Chi Minh City police have said that the mission already has 48 registered members.

The report has also said that the wife and the husband accused in the case are very much responsible for organizing and leading activities in the church. They have not been identified and are not under arrest.

Since the end of April, a surge in the number of Covid-19 has spread to 31 municipalities and provinces in Vietnam with more than 4000 cases which are almost double the total number that the country has reported since the start of the pandemic.

There are cases where some recent patients in Vietnam have been infected with a hybrid of the virus variants that have been first found in the U.K and India, according to a health ministry report on Saturday. Nguyen Thanh Long has said that the hybrid must spread more easily and it could be responsible for the recent surge in Vietnam.

Quite often, the viruses develop small genetic changes as they reproduce and new variants of the coronavirus have been seen almost since it was first detected in late 2019 in China. The World Health Organization has categorized the U.K and the Indian variant along with two other variants that have been first found in Brazil and South Africa as variants of concern as they appear to be more contagious and more deadly.


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