The Omicron Variant Grips Over The US, Spreading Quickly Creating Several Hot Spots Throughout The Nation




The new variant is spreading throughout the whole world. And the US has detected the Omicron variant in 36 states. Meanwhile, Delta is also surging in many places.

Five States, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Michigan, Minnesota, and Vermont are developed to be hot spots within the last few weeks. Almost 100,000 cases were reported in the last two weeks.

Another wave COVID-19 might be on the way, along with waves of chaos. Health workers are fighting continuously with the new Delta cases as well.

The White House insisted on the fact that there should be no need for lockdown as vaccinations are widely available. And these doses are proven to offer the best protection against the worst consequences of the virus.

Even omicron is milder than the Delta variant. This is disarming most life-saving tools available. And the immune system is being compromised, putting elderly people at the risk in particular.

‘Our delta surge is ongoing and accelerating. And on top of that, we’re going to add an omicron surge,’ said Dr. Jacob Lemieux, who is monitoring the variants for a research collaboration led by Harvard Medical School.

‘That’s alarming because our hospitals are already filling up. Staff are fatigued,’ for a potential crush of COVID-19 cases has crossed limited capacity ‘from an omicron wave superimposed on a delta surge.’

The omicron variant has already spread in the US and the latest mutant is outpacing the ability of the nation, to track it.

Disease Control and Prevention said, based on the specimens collected last week, omicron was genetically sequenced for about 3% to Coronavirus. The percentage varies with region and the highest is 13% in the New York/ New Jersey area.

Harvard experts have shared that the omicron variant is moving so fast the tracking attempts cannot keep up.

More than 75 countries globally have reported confirmed cases of omicron. Universities are closing. NBA and NHL have postponed the games. NFL faced the worst two-day outbreak infecting dozens of players.

The U.S., the president of the European Union said, ‘once again, this Christmas will be overshadowed by the pandemic’, considering the coming festive season.

‘Hospital capacity is already at a breaking point in many states because of severe cases of COVID-19,’ Michael Fraser, CEO of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, also shared his worries about hospital beds or medical accommodation being outnumbered by this variant.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said, ‘If we didn’t have these tools, I would be telling you to be really-really worried’. He is the nation’s top infectious disease expert, shared on Wednesday, there’s no need for an omicron booster shot for now. Two doses of vaccines still appear to offer an adequate amount of protection against this omicron variant of coronavirus.


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