A 10 years old girl shot dead by the Taliban


Image Credit – Global News


In Afghanistan, a 10-year-old girl was shot dead by the Taliban. Her family was preparing to fly away to Canada, under the immigration program for Afghans who have worked for Canadian Forces.

Nazifa, the girl who was shot on 10th December, near one of the Taliban checkpoints near Kandahar, confirms her father.

The Canadian government had assured them of resettlement in their country because Nazifa’s father has worked in the Canadian military until 2011. But they were stuck in Afghanistan due to a lack of evacuation efforts.

The Canadian government has shown grief to the fact, that the family had the approval to come out of the country but couldn’t make it in time and this disaster happened.

The report says that on 10th December at about 11 p.m. she was coming from a wedding and at one of the Taliban checkpoints her car came under gunfire. After that, the vehicle hit a building and caught fire. Nazifa died on the spot immediately and the other three casualties were rescued.

Bashir, the father of Nazifa said that her daughter was a brilliant student and preparing for her new life in Canada by learning English.

Alexandra Cohen commented on this fact that ‘We condemn this senseless act of violence by the Taliban, and our thoughts are with her family at this extremely difficult time’.

Heartbreaking news that shatters everyone.

A parliamentary committee was set up last week by opposition parties to examine what really happened on the spot.

An unclear fact is dwelling in everyone’s mind that why they couldn’t get out of the country without having approval from the Canadian government.

It is still a misery that why Bashir’s family vehicle was targeted by the Taliban. Everyone is suspecting the fact that maybe because Bashir worked from the Canadian before that’s why they have targeted him.

Nazifa’s family was in Kandahar because they were preparing for their application for an Afghanistan passport and going out of the country through a neighboring country like Pakistan and then making their way to Canada.

The dead girl’s father is now requesting the Canadian government that they want to come out of Afghanistan as soon as possible because they can’t live in the fear anymore.

The Canadian government has said that they have evacuated and resettled almost 3800 Afghans, who have helped them in the mission in Kandahar. And another 1755 have come to Canada through a humanitarian program. But there are thousands of people who are stuck there because of the delay of evacuation flight. Canada is doing their best to rescue these people from these Taliban.


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