6 Effective Strategies to Make Your Press Release Visually Stunning


Sending a press release is always a better option than trying any dying business approach. However, the practices of Press releases have been utilized for years now and with the growing competitive market, it is important to amend the approaches. Evolving marketing trends and the wide use of PR are creating new ways of communication that help in press coverage. In order to spread the news of the company, a press release needs influencers, marketers, journalists, and others from the industry.

A recent report says that journalists claim 53% of the emails in the inbox are irrelevant. To grab their attention, you have to make your press release visually stunning, or else they will skip it considering it irrelevant. If you are a press release writer and new in the industry, here are six strategic implementations that make your press release visually more attractive.

make your press release visually stunning

1. Provide ample Visual Support

Traditional ways of writing press release format have changed with the growth of its marketing importance. The simple written document is nowadays attached with different multimedia elements like images and GIFs to provide more visual support to the text. It does not only make the text more penetrable and impactful but provides a better reading experience to the readers. Such press releases carry more marketing value as can reach more target audiences in a presentable manner.

2. Attractive visual format

There are many occasions and official events where press releases can be very helpful to spread the news. Grabbing invitees attention is the main purpose here to make them attend the event. Adding visual elements in the invitation makes the message more impactful and garners more response in the RSVP pages. The page link can be embedded in so that invitees don’t have to look more at it. There are many attractive visual formats already available on the internet or you can try out some pre-sets through the writing platforms. These formats are also applicable in the case of call-to-action.

3. Add organic images

Instead of putting down some vector images in the content, try to add images of the people you mention in the press release. It can be the CEO of the company or someone whose quote you are mentioning. This way, you can gain more trust from the readers as well as journalists who are receiving your mail. It does not only create more authenticity but enables mores brand awareness and recognition as the journalists get to know the business owners.

4. Can GIFs be useful?

In this case, Yes. GIFs are very trendy and used in almost every aspect of social media and marketing approaches which are capable of creating an impact very quickly. The graphic interchange format creates a sensation of a video and creates a long-lasting visual impression. Using animated images in PR will make it more attractive and fun rather than static images. It contains an aesthetic and formal approach that conveys the story in a better and more brief. So don’t forget to make use of GIFs!

5. Adaptive to all devices

With the growth of technology and the convenience of the internet, journalists, readers, and consumers can read a press release from any accessible device such as mobile phones, tabs, laptops, and desktops. Your press release format should be fitting all of these devices with reading convenience that doesn’t have to be zoomed in zoomed out in order to read. It creates s sense of irritation among the readers as they are impatient. So, compatible formats are crucial.

6. Design your emails

No matter how much get to know about visual impact, it is not easy to create an impression when you lack expertise in Photoshop or HTML. Fortunately, many online platforms let users design their own mails in an attractive format to create more impact.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while designing –

• Use the ‘Text + Image’ format that steers more attention

• Keep sync among all the elements and harmonize them while keeping balance in color and format or text

• Think from the reader’s perspective. Is it pleasing to read? If you don’t feel so, keep changing until you are satisfied. But remember to keep it simple without making it too overwhelming.


As the competitive business market is always in a flux of change, the format of the traditional press releases is changing drastically and it is important to make use of all the elements to make the news even more engaging for all. The aforementioned strategies can help you create visually charming PR which is read by all. Craft your PR more effectively and witness the change in your business.


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