Logistics – Warehousing Made Easy In Lucknow With 50000 Square Feet Storage Space Investment By Awl India


Logistics and warehouse in lucknow

Reform In The Logistics & Warehousing Industry Is On The Way For Lucknow

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Lucknow, May 3, 2022 ( – AWL India makes yet another thoughtful investment in one of the most sought-after cities in India, Lucknow. The city witnesses expansive trade across various industries but has little infrastructural investment. Realizing this gap, AWL India has come forward with an investment of 50000 square feet of storage space. The total area covered under this investment will be 25,000 square feet.

Along with adequate storage space for all kinds of goods, Lucknow will also get access to AWL India’s modern, and reliable technical infrastructure. “We’re furthering our streamlined network to connect relevant cities like Lucknow and add to the national logistics infrastructure”, shares the CEO of AWL India, Mr. Rahul Mehra.

This upgrade in logistics and warehousing infrastructure through the efforts of AWL India will facilitate better trade, and ease of business. AWL India has been working in accordance with the government of India’s plans to improve the logistics infrastructure of the nation and plans to contribute to the same by expanding up to 1 million square feet of area by the end of 2022. By setting up dedicated spaces in the top cities in the country, this company is bringing the change that the logistics industry in India is desperate to see.

In the words of the Director, Ms. Lovely Mehra, “We have passed the era of using outdated technologies and undesignated spaces for logistics and warehousing. Henceforth, with the efforts of AWL India, Lucknow will be glad to experience the power of a well-constructed logistics system, spread across an area of 25,000 square feet, which will boost the performance of businesses and trade”.

Besides the logistics and warehousing aspect, AWL India also serves 360-degree supply chain solutions for industries using high-class technology, cutting-edge innovation, and the best personnel. In the post-pandemic era, we know how important it is to invest in supply chain optimization. It not only has a direct impact on your business but can also save lives and take essential supplies to the needy. AWL India’s brilliant endeavour of taking logistics to the next level in the country and introducing seamless logistics solutions in Lucknow, and other cities will be game-changing.

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