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Music Promotion Club is Offering a 15% Sale Celebrating World Music Day to Promote SoundCloud Tracks


Obtain a huge number of plays when you promote SoundCloud tracks on this year’s World Music Day with Music Promotion Club, offering high-quality music marketing service at a great discount.

World Music Day was on June 21st and to celebrate the day, the world-renowned music marketing agency Music Promotion Club has been offering an incredible discount on all their services and packages starting from June 20th to June 25th. The company specializes in promoting SoundCloud music and they are offering an unbelievable discount of 15% on their SoundCloud music marketing packages. We have always been offering a cheaper solution to your SoundCloud music marketing needs and now our high-quality and effective marketing campaigns come at a 15% less price for all our clients. The users just have to go to our website and avail of the discount with just a click.

Promote Soundcloud Tracks
Promote Soundcloud Tracks

The latest World Music Day sale on Music Promotion Club is accessible to all the users, both new and old. You don’t need any special coupon code and referral core to avail of the discount. You just have to follow the usual steps of ordering a music promotion package like before to enjoy the sale. The users just have to go to the website and click on the ‘Submit Your Music’ button and they will be directed to the package options. You will see the packages listed at the discounted price already and you can choose from them as per your budget and requirements. Get massive online visibility and audience engagement to your music on SoundCloud by spending less on the website.

Promoting SoundCloud music is a complex task. There are various aspects that need to be looked at to acquire the desired number of plays and followers. Music Promotion Club covers all the effective marketing strategies and uses the latest tools to acquire success of their work every time when we promote SoundCloud tracks. We use various marketing techniques like audience targeting, content marketing, social media promotion, SEO boosting, and more to execute a flawless promotion campaign. We also have a dedicated campaign manager available 24×7 to guide the clients throughout their music promotion campaign and solve any issues they face during that time.

We have a team of expert campaigners who are well-versed in the most effective ways of gaining the attention of the target audience. First, they identify and find the right group of audiences from all over the world who might actually like what you have to offer as a musician on SoundCloud. They promote the music on various platforms and websites that are frequently visited by the target audience and bridge the gap between the music and listeners. That way the listeners get directed to the songs on SoundCloud more easily and your work gets recognition from listeners across the globe. This technique makes sure that all the plays come from real SoundCloud users and are 100% organic.

There is a team of highly efficient and experienced writers at Music Promotion Club that creates creative and compelling content related to music. We offer to create the most attractive music blogs and reviews that are published on various major music websites and online music magazines. We also have professional press release creation and distribution service that can spread the news about your music all over the world. We distribute the PRs on top media outlets both local and international. Our content is written including trendy keywords so your music gets higher ranks in the SERPs on Google and other search engines. We also offer to make a Custom Banner for free for content marketing.

About the company

Music Promotion Club is a popular and trusted music marketing company that offers quality music promotional services for SoundCloud music at competitive prices. Find out more about their services at https://musicpromotion.club/.


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