What Are The Advantages Of A Responsive Website?



The following are the 11 most relevant advantages of a responsive website.

1- Increased number of accesses  from mobile devices (Smartphones)

We had already mentioned it in the previous publication, but the access to web pages for two years statistically exceeds the access from any other device, even from computers. And the progression continues to grow, so if we want to have more access to our website, it must be responsive.

2- Increased number of accesses from “tablets”.

Although access to web pages is much greater than cellphones, and access from laptops still exceeds that of tablets, it is one of the devices that grew the most in sales and use since 2012. Another option for a responsive website can be displayed correctly from this type of device in all sizes, from 7 inches to 12 inches.

3- Increased number of accesses from SmartsTVs

Every day it is more common to find televisions with Internet access, especially in very large inches. Although a type of browser is not very widespread, it is very important that our website can also be seen in inches of 37, 40, 42…

4- Increase sales

Ifwetalkabout an online store or e-commerce where it is open 24 hours a day, with a responsive website we are allowing any purchase can be made with total comfort from any device, we multiply by 4 the possibility of purchases so we can increase sales.


5- Higher conversion ratio

It is one of the most important ratios in terms of access to a website. The first thing to get the visitors to arrive, of course, but if after arriving it turns south at they abandon a few seconds after having entered it is as if they had not arrived at all. A rate of 50% is a very bad ratio, it means that out of every 2 hits 1 is not worth anything. Thisisverycommon in designs that are not responsive because the display is quite bad from other types of devices other than computers.

6- Analysis and reports are more complete

One of the best tools we have to measure access to our website is through Google Analytics. Thispowerfultoolallowsus to differentiate between types of devices, such as mobiles, tablets… and their different conversion ratios, where they come from, and what operating systems they use. If we have a responsive website this data will be much more complete and we can act to improve these accesses.

7- Improve your position in search engines

Being able to have a single website for all devices means that you do not have to make different websites for each device. Search engines penalize those content that is repeated on different websites. For this reason, it is very important for search engine positioning that the web design is responsive.

8- Google penalizes non-responsive designs

Althoughitalreadygaveitsfirstwarnings in 2014 and an ultimatum in April 2015. ItwasnotuntilJuly 2015, when Google began to penalize organic positioning. That is to say, to come out worse in the searches of the great search engine. Thispenaltywasverynoticeable the day after changing its algorithm in the robots that position in the search engine, dropping 10% access to pages that were not responsive.

9- Improve geographic search

Every day it is more common to use mobile devices, browsers, and tablets to search for what is needed by proximity. Google through Google maps, places, or businesses allows locating quickly according to proximity. A responsive web design allows appearance in this type of device with a better visualization.

10. Changes in google map tricks10- Saving costs and time in development

In addition, having to make a single website for all devices allows great savings in development time. Consequently to be able to produce much cheaper projects. There are some companies that have more economic impact on responsive projects due to their valuable technology. Well, it’s the opposite, don’t be fooled.

11- Time and cost savings in management.

Logically, if we only have to manage a single website for all devices, the time invested in updates, content changes, and content increases. Saving time and costs for its management decreases enormously.


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