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Prolific Artist Peter Lake Has Defied All the Odds Once Again with the New Release Titled “STONES”



Peter Lake, a creative musician with the ability to produce music in many genres, has come back with the recently released song STONES. The artist’s most recent release is packed with crisp melodies and powerful sounds and is exclusively R&B and Soul focused. The engaging lyrics in the track carry a distinct character, making music lovers dance on the floor. The building-up nature of the song starts right from the first beat in it. It almost seems as if the song is pumping up with every second passing by. The bringing together of soul and pop elements into the song distinguishes it from the rest of the soul music productions.

The all-new banger has made its place known in the artist’s discography, bagging over 21k streams on SoundCloud in less than three weeks of its release. The passionate artist has always worked hard in offering something new and unique every time he has released a song. Such is the dedication of the artist toward his work, that he never fails to compose a masterclass. Other superlative numbers from the artist include names like “Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby),” “Shadow Games,” “6 Seconds,” “Bonfire Eyes,” and many more. The artist’s credibility and personality get defined by a great fan base of over 664k followers on Instagram.

Hailing from New York, the United States of America, Peter Lake launches each of his productions under the moniker PeterLakeMusic. The artist has been involved in the professional music scene for the last 2 years and has been advancing towards more success with every passing day. Similarly, with the just-out song, “STONES”, the artist is on the way to setting a trend of his own. To listen to the brand-new single, tune in to SoundCloud. Don’t forget to follow the artist on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram to know all about the artist’s forthcoming productions.

Track Link: https://soundcloud.com/peterlakemusic/stones-keep-rolling-through


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