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Read Why You Have to Email a Press Release to Build Your Brand


Brand building and PR distributing go hand in hand. So, if you email a press release to a targeted niche, then it can do wonders for your brand’s visibility.

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In the business world reputation is the ultimate factor that can make your brand go from zero to hero. In one way or another, every organization in the world relies on its reputation to achieve and attain success. With the increasing population and growth of industries, companies are gaining success but customer expectations are also increasing at the same rate. On top of that, with social media and 24*7 access to the internet, the competition also increases and reputation building has gotten harder. In this situation, reaching the audience has become easier but getting the effectiveness out of it has become harder.

The world relies on marketing and public relations with the end goal of keeping the customers and target audiences happy and satisfied. A press release is a way to do that. Press releases are the official statements that organizations put out to the media and journalists so that they can make a news story about it. The end goal? Gaining positive media coverage. You might think is it still relevant? Glad you asked.

Read along about why companies still use a press release as an effective marketing strategy and campaign. Learn how simple it is to email a press release to gain that positive media coverage that can significantly improve your brand’s image, reputation, and visibility.

  • Establishing a Relationship with the Media:

As mentioned earlier, reputation is what makes a business successful. Media is your ultimate answer to building that reputation in the market. That is why organizations spend thousands on marketing and public relations. You can start your marketing campaigns and promotions with just a simple press release. It is an effective and excellent way to start a conversation with the media, especially journalists.

Their cover story of your event or news can get you that customer attention which will increase sales in the long run. But here you need to remember some basic things such as creating a well-constructed press release and it should be newsworthy.

Journalists are extremely busy people and they are bombarded with thousands of emails about information and press releases every day. If your press release is not well written or does not contain interesting information there is a high chance of your content being ignored or ending up in the spam folder.

When you reach out to the reporter with a well-written and well-constructed press release that is relevant to the industry it will make a good impression on him. In return, you will get positive coverage from him. Even if they do not cover it, due to the good impression you have created, the reporter will work with you in the future as he already thinks of you as a credible source.

  • Build Credibility

The media and journalists along with the consumers view press releases as a legit source of information and data. They will view your press release as a credible source which will help build trust around your brand. As researchers said, almost every consumer said brand trust is the primary reason they buy products and take services.

If you continue the process of distributing press releases to the media over time and if they are accurate, the journalist will view your source as a credible one. For small businesses and especially start-ups it is very important to spread positive words and press releases are one effective way to do that.

  • SEO

In this digital era, staying at the top of every search engine and the result has become exceedingly important. It drives public attention and increases the number of sales. So remember to put keywords and include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your press release. Utilize the best SEO practices and keywords and write well-written press releases. Google, the biggest search engine in the world will rank the press releases and your aim should be to rank at the top. So use the Google algorithms to find and insert keywords to put your content at the top searches list.

It will give you massive exposure as according to data around 89000 searches are being conducted on Google. It will increase the visibility of your brand instantly. You can then use this exposure to retain current customers and make potential future customers. To have a better go at it, you can include your blogs and social media posts and link your press releases to them. Turning your press release into a blog post takes less time than you think because you already have all the data and information that you would require and it will be more fun and interesting way to attract the media and customers.

  • Public Knowledge

Press Releases are a great way to increase public knowledge about your brand. For that your press releases should be well-constructed and filled with relevant links and pictures, showing your achievements.

Now, remember, do not put all these into the piece of writing, instead make separate links and put the links in the content. In this way, you can increase public knowledge and visibility of the brand along with creating anticipation and more interest.

  • Gives You Control Over the Narrative

Press releases are official statements of organizations that can carry out various purposes. One of those most important purposes is crisis control and management. At the time of crisis, you can use press releases to connect with the stakeholders and control what the media and people are talking about your organization.

As they are viewed as credible sources you can take that advantage and control the narrative of the crisis and mold the incident to your favor. Even if your brand is in the wrong, releasing a press release and taking accountability can restore your negative image amongst the niche.


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