Flat 10% Off – Offer Going On For Universal Music Day, Stay Tuned With Music Promotion Club


If you are looking for organic Soundcloud promotion, then grab the offer of a flat 10% discount from the renowned Music Promotion Club with guaranteed increased visibility.

The music streaming platform, Soundcloud, is the biggest and most popular in the world. It is also in the race of becoming the biggest social media platform of this digital era. Almost every upcoming music artist has an account on the platform and its millions of users make it hard for aspiring artists to become famous and popular on social media. Promotion and marketing is the only right option that can increase visibility in this situation. To help out, the Music Promotion Club is offering promotional services at an affordable package. On top of that, the company is now giving a special discount of a flat 10% off their special organic Soundcloud promotion service. This offer has already started from 7th October and it will continue till 12th October.

Organic SoundCloud Promotion
Organic SoundCloud Promotion

On the occasion of Universal Music Day, on 8th October, to make the struggle of aspiring artists to gain digital fame and reach on Soundcloud, the company is offering their special organic promotion. The price of these promotional packages is extremely budget friendly and on top of that, a flat 10% discount has made this deal even more exciting. Custom package users can also avail of this discount.

The Music Promotion Club offers organic promotion on Soundcloud which makes the reach and listeners increase authentically. Artists can buy the listeners and listen by using bots but only authentic promotion on social platforms will increase their popularity. The chances of the artist’s music ending up on the pages of the audience are much higher with organic promotion. The company also adds keywords that will help the artists and their music come up in the search engine rankings. This instantly increases the visibility over the internet. The company’s package secures the increment of visibility of the artist with their SEO marketing.

Another exciting service that these promotional packages include is that it offers a minimum of 2 hours of social sharing. This means the company also does social media marketing, where not only Soundcloud but the promotional activities will happen on other social media platforms. This helps the artist build a secure and strong connection and bond with the fans and followers which increases brand loyalty as well.

In addition to that, these packages will promote the tracks to thousands of listeners where the guaranteed times of play will be a minimum of 15,000+. The tracks will be promoted to various listeners who will increase the number of listens on the platform along with likes and comments which will increase the overall engagement of the artists and their releases.  On social media, the company has access to over a minimum of 240000+ followers who will support the newest releases.

With the SEO marketing and keywords infusion, the content about the artists and their releases will reach Google news. To make the promotion more effective and impactful, the company offers a well-written and constructed press release which will be distributed to a minimum of 3-4 sites with an additional music blog.

On Soundcloud, the company has at least over 350000 followers, to whom the tracks will be promoted and guarantee an increased number of listens on the tracks. With content marketing, Music Promotion Club offers an additional custom banner for free.

This amazing deal of complete promotional packages can be yours at a discount of a flat 10% which is starting from 7th October. So don’t waste any more time and grab this opportunity to make your aspiring music career shine a little more!

About the company:

The Music Promotion Club is a promotional site that promotes the tracks on Soundcloud along with content marketing and social media marketing that guarantees increased visibility of the artist.


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