Hurry Up And Promote Spotify Music As The Tunes Club’s Halloween Sale Ends in Two Days


The Tunes Club’s Halloween sale offer has helped many music artists to Promote Spotify music till now at an unbelievably low cost. Hurry up as the offer is ending on Nov 4. 

Most music artists on Spotify are struggling to find a big listener base due to high competition and less exposure. No more Worries since The Tunes Club has come up with effective promotional packages that can empower every artist. There is a Halloween sale going on the official website where the music artist can purchase highly effective promotional packages at a huge discount of 15%. The offer has been started on October 27 and will soon end on this November 4. Hurry up and grab this opportunity as only two days left to avail of the discount. The promotional packages offered by this agency are already fairly reasonable and with this latest discount offer, the cost of the packages has become even low.

Halloween Sale

The Tunes Club is one of the most reliable names in the market that allows every music artist to Promote Spotify music regardless of the genre. Whether a rapper, a singer, a music producer, or a record label owner; everyone obtains the promotional packages offered by this agency. Based on the requirements and budget of the music artists, this agency offers a total of 4 promotional packages from starter packages to premium ones. The packages are designed in a way that they can be availed of once like a one-time investment or can be continued like a subscription that gets renewed every week. There are four different promotional packages offered by the club such as Spotify Marketing Package, Spotify Promotion Pack, Spotify Marketing Pro Pack, and Spotify Promotion Pro Pack as well. The last two packages are subscription-based and get renewed every week however, the users are able to stop the subscription anytime they want.

Spotify Marketing Package is the starter pack that costs only $39 however, with the Halloween sale; the price for the package has been reduced to $33. Similarly, the price of the other packages has been reduced as well. Such as, Spotify Promotion Pack cost now $59 instead of $69. Similarly, Spotify Marketing Pro Pack costs $89 now instead of $105, and last but not least, Spotify Promotion Pro Pack will be costing $144 instead of $169. Quite evidently, the company has reduced the price of all of its promotional packages on this spooktacular occasion of Halloween. Currently, it is inviting all the music artists on Spotify to purchase these packages at a huge discount of 15% off. 

The promotional packages offered by The Tunes Club are filled with numerous features as the agency follows all the proven practices of promotion that prove to be effective and highly fruitful. Starting from playlist promotion to content marketing and social media promotion, it is comprised of everything that helps artists gain organic exposure from credible sources. The company has a huge network on Spotify and related partners along with a huge range of curated playlists. As a result, the artists can easily gain more exposure to active listeners on their profiles. It also has an in-house team of professional writers who write attractive and crispy content for the artist, such as Paid PR distribution, music blogs, artist reviews, etc. it also offers ample social buzz through the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Along with the latest discount offer, these packages have become even more affordable for everyone. The offer will last till November 4. Hurry up and grab this opportunity.

About The Company

The Tunes Club is one of the reliable names in the market that thrives to empower Spotify Music Artists with its affordable and effective promotional packages. The company is well revered around the globe for its professionalism, affordability, and effectiveness.


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