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GIGO Clean APP is available to download in Southern California


GiGO Clean App


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Santa Ana, California Jan 8, 2023 ( – A slight frustration started a big revolution in the cleaning Industry.

The creative founder of GIGO Clean Technology, Bita Safari, has lived in California for the past 25 years.  Bita is a chemical engineer, but her career has been much more widespread as she built herself a professional path in the corporate world. Bita is also a mother of an active teenager and a German Shepard. She loves to socialize and entertain guests at home. All that means keeping a clean household is a challenge.

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When hiring cleaning companies to assist in keeping up her cleanliness standards at home, Bita saw that the amount of time it took her to find the right cleaners at her desired time was about the same as cleaning her house. This should have been different and easier.

It was there that the concept of GIGO Clean Technology was born.

GIGO Clean Technology is an application that connects consumers to cleaners directly. It works like Uber for the cleaning industry. The application is free to download and easy to use. The consumer can easily tap on their smartphone and place a cleaning order. The closest qualified cleaning professional in the zip code will arrive at the service address. They can also schedule a cleaning in advance to suit their lifestyle.

Features of the GIGO Clean app:

  • Safety and security: All cleaners appearing on the app have completed background checks and paperwork to adhere to the quality standards. GIGO Clean interviews and checks the credentials of all cleaners before they are allowed to be listed on the app.
  • Privacy: All user details are kept private and secure. Cleaners adhere to GIGO Clean’s terms of service, privacy policy, and non-disclosures agreements; they are not authorized to share customers’ information outside the application.
  • Transparency: Customers will know about the cleaning professional assigned to their task by checking the cleaner’s previous reviews and photos of their work. They also can see the cleaner’s profile, which lists years of experience and the most recent training attended.
  • Flexible cancellation policy: Users can reschedule or cancel an existing cleaning appointment up to two hours before the scheduled cleaning time with no cancellation fee.

GIGO Clean plans to start the service in Southern California and expand to Northern California and other states accordingly.

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Media Contact

GiGO Clean Technology, Inc.

[email protected]

(844) 870-7070

2001 E 1st Street, Suite 205


GiGO Clean Technology, Inc.
The revolution in the cleaning industry. The Uber of Maid Servies.
[email protected]
2001 E 1st Street, Suite 205

(844) 870-7070


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