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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Hyderabad, Telangana Jan 16, 2023 ( – Knowing & benefit from thy neighborhood is the new theme. Nearer is of course, greener too. Most of what we need is nearby but we are not aware. Based on localization, Spaarks is focused on the Discovery of people & services nearby. Say goodbye to complex SEO (search engine optimisation) maintaining a website, spending on digital marketing, etc.

Spaarks is an app released on PlayStore & AppStore by a tech startup based in Hyderabad. It brings people closer and helps the discovery of goods & services. It is free to use and also available at The key mantra of this application is discovery, empowerment & connection.

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Users, once registered via OTP, can post a Spaark. This post(or Spaark) is visible to all other users nearby and they can get in touch. The process is simple yet powerful for users to get in touch. All other Social media is based on followers and mostly shows needless information. Discovery of what user posts by other users is difficult in existing social media. Users see what is posted in distant places easily but not what is available next door. In Spaarks, if a user posts something, all other users nearby see it and can interact with it.

Most of our day-to-day business and social needs are around us. We need not travel long distances. Most of the users also cannot have a digital presence for advertising their existence since it is costly, time-consuming, and technical. So, getting in touch for making new friends and business connections nearby is now made simple by Spaarks.

Over 300 thousand plus users are currently using the app and its rich features, daily average active users are growing consistently. For job seekers, it is a boon since they can find vacancies close by. Hiring is made simple on Spaarks, like everything else.

Marketing costs are getting higher. New service providers do not have anything except their skills to offer. The gig workers and mom-and-pop shop owners do not have the means to reach out. People paint mobile numbers on lamp posts and walls to reach out to the community. Just to be discovered nearby. Their numbers are in lakhs. All such users also can now cross the digital divide and use the Spaarks app to be seen, heard, and discovered. Home-based businesses will be particularly benefitted. Hence, enabling small service providers to increase their discovery by the nearby seeker.

“Bridging the digital divide and enabling the marginalized worker to get business and contacts locally, is our prime motivation”, says the young CTO Sai Kiran, who now oversees the work while on a sabbatical. This is also indicative of the new approach in which tech workers can work and study at the same time, in New India.

The company has recently seen a change in management. Ashish Jain has taken over as the Managing Director of the startup OSOS Pvt Ltd. Ashish Jain is also the MD/CEO of the widely known HealthTech Company – Medgini established in 2012. He brings years of successful experience, in creating and profitably managing a Tech Services company, to Spaarks.



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Spaarks is a local social network to connect with people in your local area. Make connections for business marketing, friendships, post jobs, find work, search services, and do public announcements. Easy and Completely Free.
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