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Great New Cyber Bullying Book For Kids To Teach about Bullying in a Fun Way


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The Magical Adventures of Detective Sam

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Washington, Virginia Feb 19, 2023 ( – The Magical Adventures of Detective Sam is a  new book and coloring book released by a former Stafford County teacher to teach kindness and teach kids how to deal with bullying and what actions are needed to take if they are bullied or see someone being bullied. The story takes children on an adventure 

The Magical Adventures of Detective Sam is a classic lesson in preparing kids to defend themselves against bullies told in a children’s book through the character Detective Sam, a dog with superpowers (hearing, speed, inventiveness). When Diego, a child in Flagstone Elementary, is bullied by another kid, Barry, Sam teleports himself to the school and comes to the aid of Diego, who is left without his lunch money.

Instead of using his superpowers, Sam prepares Diego to take care of himself with a four-part course that every child should know: using strong body language to fend off bullish advances; defending against violent behavior and preventing yourself from getting hurt; breaking the cycle of violence to never retaliate and control anger; and informing a teacher or adult. Read more about Sam and his adventures


Book Cover The Magical Adventures Of Detective Sam

Source :The Magical Adventures od Detective Sam

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