New Mystery — “Pumpkin Promises and Apple Cider Dreams”


Council Bluffs, Mar 8, 2023 ( – Marsha Pilger, the author, announces the release of her new Fiction Novel, “Pumpkin Promises and Apple Cider Dreams” a tantalizing mystery set at the Bellevue Berry Farm in Nebraska.  The main characters, seventeen-year-olds Lindy Adams and Kelly Gray face their greatest challenge when one of the girls unexpectantly disappears.  The plot is enhanced by the fact that the incident occurs during the Halloween season. 

Detectives, Monahan, Jackson, and Williams, explore a maze of events that exposes various emotional twists and turns challenging the reader to determine their own results surrounding the issue.  However, according to the editor, Dixie Trebbe, “Nothing prepares you for the ending.” 

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In a weakened state of mind clouded by drugs, Kelly pondered her situation and wondered what had happened.  “I’m cold, — so cold.  Where am I?”  She thought.  She heard someone calling to her and wondered if it was her best friend, Lindy, but she was unable to speak.  In fact, she was unable to do anything.  She had lost all control.  The control was now in the hands of the evil monster who held her.

Lindy fought to keep from losing her faith that she’d eventually find her friend Kelly, but as the days passed, she felt trapped herself.  Trapped in a web of despair and deceit.  What could she do?  It wasn’t fair…..

As the days slipped by, the search broadened and all the leads investigated deteriorated. There was little hope remaining and all Lindy could do was cry a million tears and pray.  

Were her prayers answered?  Was Kelly ever found?  What happened to those “Pumpkin Promises and Apple Cider Dreams” they had for each other?  You’ll need to read the book to uncover the answers.

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