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Teaching Listeners How to Live Life in a ‘Better Way’, Recertified Teenager Releases New Single


Combining R&B and Soul music in a modern way, the adept artist Recertified Teenager is back with another single, ‘Better Way’. Listen to the track on SoundCloud.


Incredibly talented and versatile artist Recertified Teenager is making a name for himself by releasing quality projects back to back. The artist has released some creative work where most of his musical creations are based on an outlook on life. The musicians have blended life’s philosophy and music together in such a captivating way that in a short time, he has gathered an adequate amount of listeners. His newest track, ‘Better Way’ also focuses on life and how it should live so that people can live it to the fullest. The soulful track has impressive elements that will catch the instant attention of the audience.

The artist has never been afraid to experiment and try different ways of storytelling which makes his music catalog so refreshing and compelling at the same time. His fresh new single is his best creation yet where the artist has beautifully conveyed such deep and connecting thoughts with so much ease. ‘Better Way’ focuses on people and tells their stories who are willing to live life in superior ways. People and society, in general, are going through a tough time right now where they are budgeting adjustments to make their current situations a little bit better. The artist revolves around this and focuses on the struggle that requires more empathy. The composition reflects this deep and thoughtful message with easy words that make people take this seriously.

The track’s pensive lyrics came to life with the help of the soulful composition. The flavorful beats mixed with the soothing tunes of R&B and Soul music create a peaceful composition, making the lyrics alive. The soul of the track is definitely the artist’s vocals that in their own mesmerizing way make the audience understand the point vividly and clearly without it becoming overbearing. Recertified Teenager’s previous records like ‘London’, ‘Don’t Diss Me’, ‘One Life-One Shot’, ‘Words Alone Cannot Describe You’, etc. are also enjoyable which listeners can find in his SoundCloud and YouTube profile.

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