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Get Nostalgic with the Album ‘To Love Somebody…’ by O’Neill Fernandes


The Pop music artist from Perth, O’Neill Fernandes has come up with his album ‘To Love Somebody…’. His brilliant innovation is bringing change to the music world.


Pop music is one of the most famous music genres and while talking about this O’Neill Fernandes is an artist that comes to mind. This immensely talented artist is garnering worldwide audiences with his diverse music creations. The melodious tune and captivating beats have churned out the true flavor of pop music. O’Neill is a creative artist who has shown his potential and creative charm with his pieces of music. This independent musician also has the caliber to come up with a diverse range of music. And that is what keeps him different from all the other fellow musicians. Now this Pop music artist from Perth is acquiring many listeners with his 42nd album ‘To Love Somebody…’.

It is an album that is filled with love ballads from 1952 to 2002. With this album, listeners would get the chance to listen to the legendary tracks of the time. Among all of them, there is a soundtrack named ‘How Will I Know’, which is getting much attention from music enthusiasts. It is a song that has been sung by the phenomenal singer Whitney Houston. He has taken the initiative to make people relive the song in a whole different way. Along with this, he has also covered the track, named ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New’, which was originally made by the Philadelphia soul group The Stylistics in year 1974. The brilliant musical presentation created a sensation among everyone.

O’Neill Fernandes is a renowned artist in the industry and has given a lot of tracks. Some more songs from ‘To Love Somebody…’ are ‘Back Home Again’, ‘Could I Have This Dance’, ‘Tragedy’, and ‘But I Do’. All these soundscapes are available on SoundCloud and YouTube. Thus, one can listen to the songs on these platforms and also follow him on Facebook and LinkedIn to get any further updates.

Visit here for listening to this album ‘To Love Somebody…’ on Soundcloud:



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