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Hiring Professionals: Why Do You Need Expert PR (Press Release) Writers?


Several online blogs and articles will help you write press releases by yourself so is hiring professional help and expert PR (Press Release) writers worth it?

Expert PR (press release) Writers

Press releases are exceptional marketing tools, especially in today’s online world where every business needs to have a solid presence. Press releases simply known as PRs are official brand announcements that contain newsworthy information for the general public. This content is directly sent to the media and news outlets in order to create news stories about the announcements and generate positive media coverage. The announcements can be about anything new and important for the company such as product or service launches, events, brand openings, position changes in management, new joinings, crisis management, etc.

With such an important tool that is used in wide marketing campaigns, this is a certain responsibility that lingers upon how the press release is written and distributed. It is true that without the proper distribution of the PR, it will not be successful, but to bring in success, how it is written is equally important. So, the real question is, is hiring a professional necessary? Should you invest in expert PR (Press Release) writers? Let’s find out.

Why Do You Need Expert PR Writers?

It is always important to have expert writers in your marketing or public relations team who can craft effective press releases because of some advantages they provide. These include –

i) Identifying the Goals

As previously mentioned, a press release is an official announcement, but these contents are not only reserved for announcing new products or services. PRs are also used as a very useful communication channel that connects the brand with its target audience. If the content is crafted carefully and distributed properly, it will have a chance of reaching both, existing and potential customers. When you are hiring a professional PR writer, the identification of which marketing goal you want to achieve becomes easier. Are you introducing something new, a new service, or a product in the market? Or do you want more exposure for any particular event that the company hosted? Depending on what the goal is, the PR content is written.

Professional writers also go beyond just finding out the goal. Their journalistic approach will also make the writing more newsworthy, increasing the chances of getting picked up by journalists. At the same time, you will also have improved brand SEO and content marketing along with backlinks from news sites.

ii) Search Engine Optimization

For a successful press release, the most important thing is an ample amount of media coverage. But in today’s world of the internet, it has become equally important to rank well in search engines. This ranking is related to the increased visibility of the brand on the internet and getting more web traffic. Any press release that is well-optimized for the search engines will save you a lot of potential marketing expenses in the long run.

It is a proven fact that when customers search for anything they do not go beyond the first page of the search engine results page so your goal should be to appear on the first page every time. Press releases that are well-optimized can easily achieve that for you and if you see an improvement in your rankings, you can even cut advertising expenses. Professional writers know how to do keyword research and how to make the content SEO-optimized for the internet. So, with the help of these expert writers, you can maximize the brand’s image, reputation, and most importantly visibility on the internet.

iii) Premium Content

Press releases are much different from any other kind of web content as they follow a distinctive style and format. PRs are written in a formal format and style and have other unique rules of writing. One such rule is writing in AP style formatting which is not as simple as writing a blog post and it is only possible for experts to nail the AP style ideally. Journalists can scan the series of press releases they get every day and pick the poorly written ones to ignore. What may seem like a small mistake to your eyes can create a huge difference between the work of an amateur and an expert and journalists can easily find that out.

Creative headlines are often challenging while writing press releases and at the same time crucial to catch the attention of the media. On the other hand, PR content should have an on-point and concise writing style that avoids industry jargon. All these things create a huge difference when the copy ends up on the desk or an email box of a journalist. Experts have years of knowledge and they know how to mitigate these kinds of mistakes and craft a compelling copy of a PR.

iv) Cost-Effective

You might think that writing the press release by yourself is a cheaper alternative than hiring a professional press release writer. But in reality, hiring someone can prove to be the most cost-effective one. Always remember a failed press release will always cost you more and the most devastating impact will be on your potential revenue. A PR promotes your business and gives it more visibility and exposure in a quicker time period which, compared to other advertising methods, is very cost-effective.

Even though you have a strict marketing budget, most press release packages fit right into that as they are extremely affordable as well. Here, the quality of the writing makes a difference in price, yet they are still more reasonable. Other marketing forms such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), advertisements on television, Billboards, etc. are far more expensive than the package of press release writing and distribution.

v) Extensive Media Coverage

Writing and distributing press releases by yourself requires a strong connection and relationship with the media and news outlets. Forming a connection with these outlets and corporations also takes time. If the brand is still lesser known to the public or recently entered the market, there is a good chance the email including the PR that you have sent them will never be opened. So when you are hiring PR services with expert writers, you are also getting to use their connections.

Most of these professional writers have been working in the industry for quite some time and have built strong personal relationships with media outlets. You by using their writing and distribution skills get to use these relationships and bonds to make sure you are getting the positive media coverage the press release originally intended to get. At the same time, these expert writers also know how to get the immediate attention of the journalists so they will also make sure the content never ends up in the spam or unopened email boxes.

Other than these advantages you will also get better time management with professional writers. Using services means you get one less responsibility so you can use that time to see over other important things. As a professional PR writer can easily improve marketing results, it is time to invest in places that will definitely bring you positive results.


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