Florida Rapper Kash Creecher goes beyond Creative Imagination with his Latest Release ‘Purple Lean’


Ka$h Creecher 

Mixing the contrasting elements of hip hop and RnB, the renowned artist Ka$h Creecher has gifted his fans a track to be celebrated. The Florida rapper Kash Creecher has set the stage on fire with his latest track ‘Purple Lean’. Not often the audience gets the chance to come across a track that is as enticing as this one. Taking the best out of both the genres, the rapper has breathed innovation into the scene. His vocal delivery is so quietly confident that you can’t just leave the track unheard. The scintillating backdrop of the track reaches out to the audience and demands their attention.

The track has an impactful effect on the audience that just cannot be missed. The soundscape slowly yet effectively builds around the listeners’ minds. And, before you know it, you are under the complete grasp of the track. Purple Leangives a great introduction to the talent of the lead artist. His performance works well with all the elements of the track. There is intensity present in his delivery that can captivate the audience within moments of pressing the play button. As the halfway mark reaches, the instrumentation takes the lead and again the vocal performance takes the driver’s seat in the last moments of the track.

The rhythmic musicality stands the tallest out of all the elements present. The incredible flow of the track is enough to keep the audience hooked. The crisp finish completes the entire project in just the perfect way. And, the various layers have the strength to take you back to the golden aura of hip hop. The track categorically provides with the best qualities of hip hop. The artist has left no stones unturned in engaging the listeners’ minds. You can also experience more from this artist by tuning in to the music streaming platform SoundCloud.

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