Bonnie Bella’s Custody By Stevie J Is No Longer There As Joseline Hernandez Is Relived As Fans Are Shocked




Complications are still there between Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J and the two are faced with more problems that are on the horizon and hot them in the coming months and weeks as per recent reports.


It has been announced previously that it has been decided by a judge that primary custody be awarded to Stevie J for their daughter, Bonnie Bella, and reportedly this decision has been reversed quite recently as the followers got confused because of the dramatic story. Joseline Hernandez Is A Happy Mom Because Stevie J No Longer Has Custody Of Bonnie Bella — Latest Twist In The Custody Battle Has Fans Shocked.


It has been initially agreed by many that Bella should be sent to Hernandez and not to Stevie J as there is a great division in the opinions on that particular front.


Some of the fans of Stevie J were very much skeptical regarding his abilities for handling life as someone who is a father to many other children and it has been noted by others that spending more time with her mother is right for the girl.


It has been decided upon by the court to backtrack in the end regarding its initial judgment and the primary custody has now been awarded to Hernandez.


It is worthwhile to note that the decision which was originally there has not been stated as the final one and sense has prevailed as a revision of the things are done at this point later.


The story has been followed actively by many people and this has not consoled them as some of them complained against the court for playing hard on the emotions with regards to both parents at the same time.


Dramatic developments happened at various moments in the story and it is of no surprise that more developments happened behind the curtains which the fans are unable to see.


This has been said by one person that her ex-husband wanted custody because he cannot provide support. She could not fathom that custody was taken by a judge from the mother without asking for the proof that she is not fit and exclaimed it by smiling.


According to another comment made by a fan who stated that the mother should get the baby. One should keep his head high and remain active like a little princess who is pretty. 


According to a backer who shared a post stated that it is very hard the father will let the mother visit. Her coming back is good, but better things should be done by Stevie for the kids as bonnie is trying to hurt.


According to the fourth comment which reads the way the baby has been dressed is loved by him which is very apt for the little age and the little baby girl looks very cute and beautiful.


It seems that Joseline is on the right track and back with a bang.


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