The Voided has Stormed through the Internet with Their Sensational Musicality in ‘Take Me Away (Original Mix)’


Take Me Away


Emerging from Texas, The Voided is formed by two dynamic and uprising young creative musicians who aim to cut through the repetitive pattern of electronic music and offer their bright wave of music. Exercising a diverse and innovative approach to electronic music, the Texas electronic music duo has cultivated a dedicated following through their eclectic offerings that show how brilliantly talented the duo is. Their recent track experiments with all sorts of mellow music beats and the duo share their signature electro flare to make the sound echo in the listener’s mind. Their recent composition has emotion and fun at work all at once and captures a carefree and sunny disposition of the most melodic tunes. The track ‘Take Me Away (Original Mix)’ features a floating, nostalgic bass line that shows off the artist’s musical caliber and the hooks shine brightly to speak volumes on behalf of the passion and skill both of them put into music.

The track is superbly melodious and sounds like one of the lost recognizable tracks to emerge in the scene that chops along a healthy pace with enough grooves to make the audio proceeding sound exciting and interesting. The Voided has come up with a rhythm that doesn’t adhere to a strict pattern but rather moves through chords to lend a cool aesthetic to the song. Infused with a female voice in between the track is entrancing and offers a hypnotic sonic journey that drills down into the listener’s dancing feet urging them to swing their body to the groove.

Coming from the United States, the duo has done a fantastic job with the electronic dance music which boasts fluent rhythms, melodic riffs, and consistent drum beats that sound so much energetic till the very end. Listen to the duo’s all popular hit tracks on Soundcloud and for more information follow The Voided on Facebook and Instagram.


Listen to the song ‘Take Me Away (Original Mix)’ on SoundCloud here :




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