Trap Baby Dre Hits it Hard with The Latest Music Video ‘Young Og’


Armed with impeccable artistry and an unmatchable musical knowledge – Trap Baby Dre is the present and the future of the hip hop industry. He has extracted even the last resource of hip hop and designed them on his latest music video ‘Young Og’. Fusing the richest qualities of hip hop, this immensely talented artist has gifted his fans something to cherish for the rest of their lifetime. The way he has merged energy with steadiness, the intensity with passion is worth mentioning. Being a famous face in the music industry, this guy carries a lot of expectations on his shoulder. And, it can be surely said that he has never let down his fans’ expectations. This is the kind of commitment the fans desire and deserve.
‘Young Og’ is termed to be a track ahead of its time, as it carries some musical elements that most of the modern-day artists are yet not aware of. This is the kind of reputation the ‘Ganja Mann’ carries with himself. His inarguable passion and love for the genre is something that can fill the heart of any hardcore hip hop fan with joy. And, this very fact can be well observed through the mammoth response received by this music video. The unexpected layers of rhythmic musicality, the scintillating backdrop, the never-ending musical charm, and the charismatic presence of the artist – the combined effect of all these elements have led to the success of the track.
Trap Baby Dre is among those rare artists who like to experiment with the traditional hip hop methods, bringing in some changes, yet sticking on to the parent genre. This uniquely satisfying fusion is present in many of the recent tracks but hasn’t been able to create the kind of majestic impact created by Young Og’. This is what is special about the artistry and musicianship of Trap; he uses similar elements but in an enthralling way that no other can even think of doing. The chorus of this track is its true beauty; it perfectly portrays the meaning of the inner layers, making it pretty simple for the listeners. If you’ve been missing out on all of these scintillating elements, then check out the artist on YouTube and Instagram.
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