It Is The Seal Case Over Which Richard Spencer, The US Navy Secretary Has Been Fired




Mark Esper, the Defense Secretary of the US has fired Richard Spencer, who is the Navy Chief over the issue of handling the Navy Seal case and for his misconduct, he has been demoted.


Tension has sparked off between the military officials and President Donald Trump regarding Edward Gallagher’s case as he has been convicted for he posed with a corpse.


A disciplinary review is about to happen for the Navy officer as the Seal membership that he has got will be stripped off.


Many different accounts have been doing the rounds for the reason why Mr. Spencer has been asked to resign.


According to Mr. Esper, the confidence has been lost by him towards the Navy secretary, as his public position has been contradicted because of his conversation with White House which is a private one.


The unhappiness of Mr. Trump was because of the cost overruns and how the trial for Chief Petty Officer Gallagher has been run and the reason for Mr. Spencer’s firing has been suggested.


Meanwhile, through a letter which has been strongly worded, Mr. Spencer said that it is very much apparent that the same view was not shared between him and Mr. Trump regarding good discipline and order.


The accusation came against Chief Gallagher that he has stabbed group prisoner of Islamic state who is 17 years old to death and shooting civilians randomly while he was serving for the military in 2017 in Iraq.


He has been relieved from the charges and has been convicted with lesser charges because he posed with the corpse of the IS prisoner.


He has been demoted for that reason but his rank has been reinstated by President Trump.


Last week the Navy leaders have notified formally about Chief Gallagher as a disciplinary review will e faced by him which could result in the fact that his seal membership will be stripped off.


His disapproval was tweeted by Mr. Trump on Thursday and mentioned that the Warfighter will not be taken away by the Navy and the Navy Seal Trident Pin of Eddie Gallagher.


Mr. Trump has been criticized by certain quarters of the military after the army officer has been pardoned who is convicted of committing war crimes.


Because of the lack of candor, Mr. Spencer has been asked to resign by Mr. Esper and the news came from the defense department on Sunday.


A private proposal has been made by Mr. Spencer to the White House, which has not been shared with Mr. Esper and the public position has been contradicted according to a statement by a spokesperson in Pentagon Jonathan Hoffman.


Reports from Washington Post said it has been privately suggested by Mr. Spencer to officials in White House that if the proceedings do not interfere with Gallagher, the Chief Petty officer, it should be ensured by him that the retirement of the officer takes place as the Navy Seal.


It has been quoted by The New York Times that defense officials have said that it has angered Mr. Trump regarding the reports that it has been threatened by Mr. Spencer to give resignation if the case is intervened by the President.


It has been Tweeted by Mr. Trump on Sunday that he was unhappy with nature with which the Navy handled the trial for Chief Gallagher and the huge costs that are involved in the contracting procedure of the Navy.


According to him, the services for Richard Spencer who is the secretary of the Navy has been terminated. He also added that there will be a peaceful retirement of Eddie as all these years honors have been earned by him which also includes the Trident pin.


Mr. Spencer has written in his resignation letter that was given to President Trump that the adversaries set them apart from the rule of laws. It is because of the discipline and the good order that has given them victory against the tyranny of foreign countries time and again.


It has also been mentioned by him that it is an unfortunate thing that it is quite unfortunate that he does not share the same level of understanding anymore along with the Commander Chief who has taken the initiative to appoint him which mentions the key principle of discipline and good order.


He also said that the order cannot be obeyed in good conscience by him and it is a violation of the sacred oath that he took.


Chuck Summer, who is the Senior Democratic Senator has said that it is commendable on the part of Richard Spencer to stand up to President Trump at a time when he was wrong as something which the Republican party and the administration fear to do.


It has been instructed by Mr. Esper that the retirement of Chief Gallagher is allowed as a Navy Seal and the Trident pin will be retained which is symbolic of the elite unit’s membership.

It is wanted by Mr. Esper that the disciplinary process plays out objectively and it has been decided that the pin is kept by Chief Gallagher according to the events that happened in the last few days. according to a statement by the spokesman from defense Jonathan Hoffman.


 According to an AP news report, it has been concluded that fair treatment will not be received by Chief Gallagher regarding this case from the Navy.


According to a statement, the way ahead has been discussed on Monday morning between Michael Gilday, who is the Chief Naval Operations Admiral Officer and Thomas Modley who is the Navy Undersecretary and now the Acting Secretary will meet with secretary Esper.


On Sunday, it has been told to the Fox News channel, which is a more or less conservative media, by Chief Gallagher that he is intending to retire on Saturday.



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