The Smoke Has Filled Jill Duggar’s House After Cooking Hilariously Failed -Still Counting On


The Smoke Has Filled Jill Duggar's House After Cooking Hilariously Failed -Still Counting On


Jill Duggar who is the former star fro Counting On has been criticized a lot on social media when recipes are posted by her because the Southern dishes are high-carb and high -fat usually and are not very healthy ideas for dinner. On social media, many of her followers made it very clear that the recipes of Duggar will not be served to their families. Some serious backlash is also faced by her as some recipe is plagiarized by her appearance and it has been tried by her to pass it off as his own. 


However, the most recent cooking attempt by Duggar failed and it can be related to by busy moms as it has got something to do with microwavable preparation of mac ‘n’ cheese by her son. the 28-year-old laughed at herself as she forgot to add some water and made her whole house up with billowing smoke. Counting On – Jill Duggar’s House Is Filled With Smoke After Hilarious Cooking Fail.


Duggar said that she cannot see properly because it is smoky out here as she was distracted while cooking mac ‘n’ cheese. She even ended up showing on Instagram stories showing her fans the mess that was created because of the burned-up food. She also said that the little cups of mac ‘n’ cheese is left with so little that has been made for Sam as she is oblivious to add water.


It was explained by Duggar that while taking care of the two little toddlers she has been worn out- the sons are Samuel and Israel- and it was not noticed by her right away when the smoke came out. Duggar kind of felt it to be very interesting when she saw and thought of the smoke coming out. As the microwave door was opened by her there was smoke coming out and reached the ceiling. After she had a glance on the mac ‘n’ cheese, she found that it was all black as it was realized by her that she forgot the fact water should be added.


This tale was told by Duggar on her Instagram Stories through multiple videos and she gave a caption where everyone was warned by her to add water in the cups of mac ‘n’ cheese otherwise it will turn out to be a melted mess of black noodle.


The smell was another clue that she messed up. According to Duggar, in her growing up years, ramen noodles were cooked by her without using water and that resulted in a similar mess. It has been admitted by Duggar that the smell was immediately known by her. 


Duggar at least laughed at herself about the whole incident and did not face any harsh criticism from the followers on Instagram as she served her family with a tater tot casserole. People who are wondering still now, the macaroni and cheese were eventually served to Samuel as right away another cup was made by Duggar for him.


Counting On new episodes will be aired on TLC on Tuesday nights.


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