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The New Crayon Shinchan Game Excited Fans With Their Nintendo Switch Release





Back in the year 2016, Bushiroad had released Crayon Shinchan: The Storm Called1 Flaming Kasukabe Runner!! on all mobiles. The game was available in both English and Spanish. The Crayon Shinchan which doesn’t entertain a huge fan base in North America as compared to Japan remains popular with some fans.

With no warning whatsoever, the game was silently released on the Nintendo Switch eShop sometime earlier this week.

New Crayon Shinchan Game surprises players with the release on Nintendo Switch in North America.

Just like the original game, mass popular and favorite, five-year-old Shinnosuke makes for a Fierce Dash to collect sweets and Golden Balls. The player gets lots of different costumes using the Golden Balls, which can be obtained by proceeding from one stage to another and hence completing the special missions. They get to enjoy Shinchan and his friends wearing different cosplay clothes, which are well known to people who are familiar with anime and movies.

The Crayon Shinchan is a massively popular long-running series in Japan. The game which originally started as a manga series by Yoshito Usui soon turned into an anime series, video games, and also feature-length films. The creator of the game passed away more than a decade ago, but Shinchan’s spirit still lives on through the New Crayon Shinchan Series.

In the game, Cray Shinchan looks like an elementary school student who has some sort of behavioral issue. He resides with his parents and his little sister. He, along with his friends forms the Kasukabe Defence Force which runs with the primary purpose to protect the city of Kasukabe. This group is also featured in the game and although the force works well, their efforts sometimes backfire.

Most of the series is filled with all kinds of gags and abnormal events that happen in daily life and on the other hand, there are some episodes and movies which feature even more unusual stories like those of aliens and other situations.

The characters involved in the game can be customized with different outfits and more. The player gets to choose from either Shinchan and his friends or other characters from the Kasukabe Defence Corp.

The gameplay also involves characters who run across the screen to collect sweets which then get converted into points.

However, the game doesn’t sport a serious plot or storyline to complete. The players can start with the game anytime and try to break their high scores. Also, there are not many major changes involved in the original 2016 release. The release is a casual title that features popular Japanese characters which players of any age can enjoy and participate in.

The title is currently available only as a digital download of 656 MB and is priced under $10.


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