The Phoenix Hiphop Singer Lavish Prince Takes on the Creative Challenges in ‘like me’


It is nothing but the musicality of the entire thing that stands out in the latest release of Lavish Prince. The clarity and the smoothness of the vocals of the artist are so intense that you just cannot help but listen to it. The adventurous journey will take you to the core of the genre and let your soul get drowned within the creative magnificence. like me’ has briskly surpassed the fame attained by the previous tracks of the artist, such as ‘Never Lost The Vision’, ‘king kong’, ‘cold hearted’, ‘lavish life’, etc. The Phoenix hiphop singer has outdone himself with this release.

Through this track, one can easily explore the sweetest spots of the genre and the character development of the entire structure that will make anyone fall in love with the artist. Crafted under V.T.D, ‘like me’ has already attained huge success at the global music arena, reaching out to the audience and making them go crazy over the musicianship. The appeal that has been generated through the fascinating performance of the lead performer is just scintillating. Each and every element of the track is as blissful as it can get and allures the listeners to go through the entire run.

Lavish Prince has portrayed professionalism and creativity through this awesome track that is crisp in terms of production and mesmerizing in terms of the entire presentation. The hypnotizing after the effect of the track has created a ripple of enchantment among the audience. The enthusiastic music has set the soul of the listeners freely wander around the majestic musicality. The transcending genre strikes each sense of the listeners with a pretty hard impact that is long-lasting too. The audience can listen to this track and more from the artist on the platforms of SoundCloud, Apple Music, and YouTube. Follow the artist on Instagram to know more.

Just go for this track ‘like me’ by Lavish Prince : https://soundcloud.com/towens2277/like-me


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