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LeBron James And Savannah James took to social media to share their Quarantine routine


Image Credits – Celebrity Insider

When the whole world is terrified with the deadly effects of Corona virus, LeBron James took to his social media handle to update fans of the whole situation.

LeBron James And Savannah James Are Isolated At Home. LeBron tried to lighten the situation by saying that he is not able to get a haircut these days which has him looking like Tom Hanks from Cast Away movie.

The actor also said that his wife Savannah has to chop off her braids and asked his fans and followers to check out the video he shared on his social media account.

The video fetched immense response and a follower commented that the situation is same for all as they are also planning to do the same as they have nothing else to do. Another post read that it is really brave of her to be taking the braids down on her own.

One person had a hilarious take on the situation and said that if the situation persists for long then they all have to look like homeless even when they are at home. Another person posted that the no basket ball thing has him locked up with his girlfriend who he did not even know existed.

A follower showed his anxiousness on whether or not they have taken advantage of the no drug test rule which the NBA has passed by making weeds legal in California.

Some other person posted that any man who asks to help you take down your hair or uninstall a weave is a real MVP.

A lady commented on how she hopes, she and her husband share the same kind of relationship and expressed how she loved the couple.

Another comment read that it was not necessary to post such a video on the social media.

A commenter feels that the whole Quarantine thing is a matter of great fun as it was only the day before that the person found out about his siblings.

Another fan said that he is planning to send his dog to the Chinese people as it just coughed on him.

However it was not long ago when LeBron made it to the headlines when he made Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter the happiest girl on the planet.


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