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Actress Tori Spelling Took to a Public Apology After Receiving Severe Backlash for Posing Her Daughter’s Photo Playing Dress Up


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It was only recently that actress Tori Spelling received severed backlash by many people. The reason why she was being bashed so much involved her daughter. Critics said that she may have culturally mocked the black race. The bashing went so far that she realized that she needed to apologize and gave everyone an explanation through a public message.

Tori Spelling Apologizes after People Dragged Her for Posting a Photo of Her Daughter Playing Dress Up by saying that offending anyone was never her intention. Her daughter Hattie who is only eight wanted to improvise the character Shanaynay from Martin by naming herself McQuisha. However, what came out disappointed many people and she apologized from the bottom of her heart for having encouraged toxic interpretation of her daughter’s reactions.

Many people shared their opinion. One supportive follower said that there is nothing to be so sensitive about. She also said that Tori does not owe anyone an apology. Another one said that in real life, she perhaps lets her white friends use the N-word quite too often.

Another neutral spectator said that the black community always looks for trouble and argues on just about anything while another asked from where the complaints came from and who these overly sensitive people are.

A follower said that whatever people are saying against Tori does not make any sense. The issue is not even as deep as they are making it look. Everybody as kids dresses up as their favorite TV personnel and interprets the characters on their own. This is what a child’s imagination looks like.

Somebody said that it is a wicked trick of the business to compel celebrities into apologizing for the most insignificant of things and in this case, the issue has been handled with too much insensitivity.

The same reaction came from another follower who said that the severity of the issue is nowhere near to what people are making out of it for which Tori has to apologize. She supported Tori saying that she did not have to apologize over such a worthless hue and cry.

A follower, on the other hand, said that whatever we see around us, we blame the kids. Parents should learn to acknowledge things and take ownership of their actions and the apology note was no sort of an ignorant write-up.

A sarcastic but hate post said that the overreaction was stirred because everyone somehow knew how a McQuisha looks like.

An optimistic follower said that this issue does not even classify as a culturally sensitive one and right now, the focus of everyone should be on other important things.

What are your opinions regarding this who McQuisha drama? Was Tori right for apologizing or should she have just left things unexplained?


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