Ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown spoke about sufferings and pain while shooting for the jaw-dropping pictures


Image Credits – Celebrity Insider

Aeko, a baby boy who was born to Ammika Harris, four months ago is back in business modeling for brands on Instagram.

The ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown currently happens to be with her baby boy in Germany. Recently, the young lady took to social media where a sexy photo has been having been posted by her in a bustier which is skin-tight while she has been seen lounging on the floor.  Chris Brown’s Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Reveals The Pain And Suffering She Went Through To Take This Jaw-Dropping Photo.

Her killer curves are flaunted by Ammika on the photos fully displaying the massive cleavage she has got. Ammika explained through the caption that needles surrounded her breasts along with pins while she was shooting.

She also went on to state that the pose might look very easy but in reality, it is not like that. Her titties had needles all around. But she had a wonderful time with the team with lots of fun.

She also went on to add that her boobs did not fall out as the team working on it had added a lot of materials.

A fan reacted by saying that she seemed like a zen and was very much chilling during the shoot and it may seem that she was very much in the character. She looked like a pretty doll. But the fan wanted to see the very adorable baby Aeko. She is looking stunningly beautiful and everybody loves her.

According to another commentator who said that she always had small boobs and after she got pregnant and gave birth to the child it did not shrink but they are not very huge as she has to be careful wearing certain tops right now. Like the strap top for one shoulder had to be always pulled up by her as she understands the problems faced by her about the struggle she has gone through while wearing the strapless top.

According to another of her backers, who said that the needles can be seen and asked why there are so many needles. The fan also said that she is looking smoking hot.

Since the border of Germany has been sealed for 30 days, Chris is unable to see his son as he cannot travel to Germany and according to a source, he feels very much like this about the whole matter. Right now this is not a very easy situation for Chris as he is not exactly sure about the time he will get to see his son once again.

Primarily, there was the travel ban in the US and now the borders have been fully closed by the EU so he is unable to go there for a visit of less than a month. It is a very rough situation and they are feeling the heat.

The person spoke to Hollywood Life saying that all measures have been taken by Chris to stay strong and he is putting his best foot forward. He finds time to have a facetime with Ammika where he can see Aeko in that manner. Throughout the pictures and videos are send by her and it is not the way he wants to hold Aeko.

One of the friends winded up by saying that modeling is still being continued by Ammika and photoshoots are done by her for the Fashion nova to be held in Germany and the tour has just been wrapped up by Chris so some downtime is enjoyed by him but behind the scenes, he has been working always on something or the other.

It will take a while so that the family gets reunited once again.


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