Toni Braxton leaves fans worried with her statement that she got sick


Image Credits – Daily Mail

Fans already know that Toni Braxton has a weak immunity as she has lupus. And because of that, she is more prone to be affected by Coronavirus. This has her fans worried and they are requesting her to take good care of her health.

And now Toni Braxton announces fans she got sick and you can – check out her video that has people scared for her health, but criticizing her for this reason. She has posted on her social media that she had caught a little cold and captioned her post, ‘Quick update: 1) I’m OK, just have a little cold and being cautious! 2) @unclebuds_hemp has HAND SANITIZER and FREE SHIPPING! We are one of the only companies out there with supply, check link in my bio and 3) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER @tamarbraxton, Y’all stay safe.’

Amid the pandemic crisis, her fans panicked after seeing the post. Her followers are sending their best wishes for her full recovery. A fan wrote, ‘Love you stay safe. Sending prayers your way.’ Another posted, ‘I hope you feel better soon favourite.’

As she wished her sister Tamara a happy birthday, someone wrote, ‘You know she is going to have a problem with the community happy birthday post lol.’ Some followers believe that she could have done a better job at wishing her sister a happy birthday by saying, ‘Really Toni? Is this the best way to wish your sister a happy birthday? @tamarbraxton .’ Another worried fan commented, ‘Nooo, I don’t need you to be sick…..I hope you get better soon momma.’

A concerned fan wrote an anxious and lengthy comment, ‘Toni I need for you to get a mask that really works. Because of your sickness, it is important! Please know that those masks don’t work!! I work for a major domestic airline & it amazes me how so many people are walking through the airport with masks on like you have and really think they are protecting themselves!! Please look into this & get the correct mask!! You are one of my favorite singers & I don’t want anything to happen to you Queen!!’

Others sympathized with her as they also have lupus, ‘I have #LupusToo so is it affecting any flare-ups. Today is the second day that #LupusFlares has not made me feel beyond bad all day. I know God is good. I know God is making us be still and listen to what His peace is.’


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