Griffin is disrated from the rank after losing it to Sandbox Gaming in the League Champions Korea


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Griffin is out from the League Champions Korea after they lost to matches to Sandbox Gaming. It is the summer promotion series and Griffin Got Relegated From League Champions Korea Following A Loss To Sandbox Gaming.

There was a major reshuffle during the 2019 offseason in the Korean League of Legends team where they had changed two team players and the coaching staff. Top laner Sword, junglerTarvan, and ADC Viper were the three unchanged players who stood at the front line whereas the other players changed their positions.

In a Tweet, it was mentioned that Tarzan broke down into tears as Griffin was no longer in the game. Griffin lost many matches before they hit the dead-end in the LCK Spring Split with a 5-13 record. They started to fall in the summer promotion tournament where they were defeated back to back against Seorabeol Gaming and LCK ninth-place team Sandbox. These were t best matches of the series but they could not hold their previous position.

In the past, Griffin managed to stay on the top two positions in the league and received immense popularity to be the best team in the league. But things changed after the controversial mess at the end of the year about their coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho. Without his guidance the team has lost the title by coming last in the series. The matter came under fire when a controversy raised indulging the ex head coach and some teammates indulged into verbal skirmishes. The former coach was alleged to verbally abuse some team players of Griffin and something to do with former Griffin player Kanavi.

Another theory is in the air that the team became such a failure due to mid lanerChovy’s move to Gen.G. Griffin is well-known for their dominant jungle and mid synergy that Tarzan and Chovy are to take care of. Chovy’s replacement, Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon fell short this season.

The other side is brighter as Chovy and former substitute players Doran and Kanavi have tasted success with their new teams. Chovy came second in this year’s LCK playoffs and Doran managed to stick to the third position. Kanavi made an excellent recovery and reached MVP rank to play Top Esports in the grand finals of the Chinese league.

The match today, between Griffin and Sandbox was depended on their mechanics. Griffin had a solid pick and draft phase in the hand but the fell flat by a messed up execution.

That means Sandbox made it through the second time in League Champions Korea.

But things are different with Griffin as they were the stars of the championship. Last year nobody could catch them but the confidence collapsed to the ground with such a bad defeat and controversial moments in the team. They lost the chance to be in the LCK since Summer Split Korea will franchise their region and only the best teams which have accolades and good enough infrastructure will be selected. By relegating from the series, they have made collateral damage to their reputation.

Sandbox has managed to be ahead in the game but they should improve their team play to survive the upcoming nerve-wracking competition in LCK Summer Split.


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