Cam Newton will be joining the New England Patriots for a One-Year Deal


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Many of the influential NFL insiders along with Cam Newton himself thinks that it will be a game for him this year if he gets in the team of the New England Patriots. Recently, New England Patriots to Sing Cam Newton On a One-Year Deal after he was released from the former team, the Carolina Panthers with whom he played the last nine seasons in NBA. The 31-year old quarterback player is eager to meet the Pats and take the place of the six-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady.

Adam Schefter with other potential NBA insiders have confirmed the rumor that Cam has been trying to make a way to join the new team. Newton himself took to Twitter and Instagram, and put status that used felicitation for the New England Patriots saying “Let’s go Pats,” in the end.

The rumors caught fire the very moment Cam Newton was released from the Panthers. The Patriots had always found a way to fuel the situation even when Cam was a part of the big team.

All the rumors and confusion within the two teams culminates into a one-year incentive-laden deal between the New England Patriots and Cam. This deal reveals that the ex Panther’s earnings will be decided on his and the Foxborough team’s performance and the results.

The Patriots were looking for a good player who could replace Tom Brady who has joined Tampa Bay. With time, the chances for Cam were cementing to be a part of Pat’s. Finally, he will be playing with the Patriots at the Gillette Stadium. Patriots did not have enough funding to chase some big moguls but Newton’s late release from the Panthers brought the ray of hope for them. The whole situation turned out to be perfect for the players.

Albeit New England is going through a crucial phase after losing the best player to Tampa Bay, the team has not lost all its strength. It is a strong team and the fans believe they are ready as ever with one of the best players, Cam in the game with them. Newton’s physical condition is as stable as a horse and Bill Belichick’s crew is a few moments away from attacking the Super Bowl with glory once again.

Pats were standing at 25-1 to win the Super Bowl but as soon as the news spread, the number fell to 20-1 even before the deal happened.

Cam Newton is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks at present. He was drafted No.1 in the 2011 NFL draft and that was just a start to his phenomenal journey in the league. He was rewarded with the NFL Rookie of the Year award.

Later he made himself into a three-time Pro Bowl player and an NFL MVP in 2015. But with the match against the Denver Broncos, he lost the Super Bowl game for the Panthers. Last year was gloomy for him due to several serious injuries. He missed 14 games during this period and Carolina had no choice but to release him from the team.


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